8 Tools for Using Your Time Wisely (Personal Effectiveness)

In today’s world, many of us are busy juggling the demands of work and life and want to make the most of the time we have (N.B. if you are a procrastinator, you might like to have a look at this analogy of time in jelly beans). Sometimes it might be nice to have a magic wand to get the balance in our career and life, however I am not sure they actually exist as life depends on the choices that we continue to make.

So I have put together 8 tools for using your time wisely that can help with personal effectiveness, balance your career and life and keep it simple.

Have a look at them and if you have a tool that you would like to share, please write it in the comments below.


8 Tools for Using Your Time Wisely (Personal Effectiveness)

Find Out Where Your Time is Going

Not sure where your time is going? (once you know then you can change it). You can have a look at our manual time audit or if you would prefer to use an online tool, you could have a look at –

1. Rescue Time or
2. Time Doctor.


Stop Looking for those Notes!

Do you ever write down notes and then forget where they are? Well, no more. The tool I use for this is –

3. Evernote – this tool helps you remember your notes and you can use it across all of your devices. To learn more about Evernote, click here.


Share Your Computer Screen

Do you ever have the need to share your computer screen? Did you know you can share your computer screen on Skype?

4. Skype – this tool has helped eliminate those challenging calls when a friend or client is trying to explain something to me on their computer screen. Whilst you are on the Skype call, you simply click a button and can choose to share your computer screen.

5. Join-me – free, simple screen-sharing and online meetings. There is also a paid version if you required that option as well.


Need to do some Research and Development?

Have you ever collected research, however haven’t had the time to collate it? Maybe SurveyMonkey can help!

6. Survey Monkey is an online survey software and questionnaire tool.


Online Greeting Card Assistant

7. Stay in Touch with Family, Friends, Clients and Colleagues and never forget a birthday or special occasion again. Send a paper greeting card in the mail from your computer.


World Calendar

Ever wonder what time it is in another state or country around the world?

8. Time and Date Calendar – create your own calendar with important dates on it. You can also access the moon phase calendar (great if you want to get married on a full moon!).


Well there you have it, 8 tools for using your time wisely.

Please remember though that every action you do has a ripple effect on you and the people around you. It is important to do the right things as well as do things right (i.e. there is a difference between effectiveness and efficiency). You have to do the right things at the right time in order to create balance, harmony and happiness in your life.


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