A Tail of Happiness

I was listening to an interview by Dr Wayne Dyer on The Shift (not the actual movie, but the interview on the extra disc). In it he shared this story – A Tail of Happiness.

Can you relate?

There once was a little kitten chasing his tail around and around. An old wise alley cat stopped to watch him for a while. Of course, curiosity got the better of him and he asked the little kitten, “Why are you chasing your tail around and around?”

The little kitten beamed, “I’ve just returned from Cat Philosophy School where I learned two important things. The first thing is that happiness is the most important thing in the whole world and the second is that happiness is at the end of my tail.”

“Ah” nodded the wise old alley cat.

“Yes,” the little kitten continued to explain, “I know that if I can catch the end of my tail then I will have a hold of happiness and I never have to let it go.” he finished off feeling quite self important to know this life gem.

“Well,” laughed the alley cat knowingly, “I’m not as fortunate as you have been. You see, I never had the opportunity to attend Cat Philosophy School but my life here on the streets has also taught me some valuable lessons.  I too have learnt that happiness is the most important thing and that, it is indeed located in my tail, however, I have discovered that if I chase it I never will be able to reach it. Furthermore, I have learnt that if I go about doing what I am supposed to be doing I find that happiness follows me everywhere I go.”

What are your thoughts?


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