Balance in Life – Start Living Today!

Our everyday existence is like a walk on life’s tight rope. We can carry the burdens of our lives and balance ourselves over the tight rope of life that we walk on. But does it always have to be that way?  Isn’t there any way where we can create balance without feeling like it is a tight rope of walk?


Defining Life in Balance

To have life in balance means having the ability to handle life’s different areas (i.e. career, health, relationships) and make them work for your progress. Now progress does not necessarily equate with material success. Progress simply means having the ability to work things for you to find life’s meaning and contentment.

To have your life in balance means you have to handle the social, emotional, physical, personal and financial aspects of your life (as well as any other areas that are important to you). Your work and your goals are also part of the things that you need to balance.

Sometimes some of these aspects tend to overlap in to other territories and you end up being torn between doing one thing or the other. There are times also where you feel the need to sacrifice some things for the sake of the other.  For instance, when you just want to get that project completed at work and you also promised yourself to go to the gym today – what do you choose? Which is the bigger priority for you at that moment – work or the gym?


Live Your Life Today

Most people today have the tendency to focus on working hard to try and achieve their goals. Their way of thinking is that they would spend their younger years working hard so that they can lead the life they want after retirement. To them the only means of achieving this goal is to work, work, and work. However – is that detrimental to your wellbeing and having balance in your life?

The best thing to do in having your life in balance is to make sure that you are being yourself and that you have found a stable ground where you won’t feel to much pressure in balancing your life. Being on a solid ground helps you maintain balance in your life and at the same time it makes you feel free to be yourself and fulfill your intentions and purpose in life.


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