Background and Why?  

Currently there are a number of reasons why it is important for womxn to slow down, tune-in and focus on being the chief empowerment officer (CEO) of themselves. Some of the research states -

  • Australian womxn are more likely to report a long-term mental or behavioural problem and higher levels of psychological distress than men.
  • Working Australians are reporting significantly lower levels of job satisfaction and work-life balance.
  • Family and financial issues were the leading cause of stress for women.
  • One in three marriages end in divorce.
  • Womxn are significantly more likely than men to be concerned about most sources of stress including financial issues, family and relational issues, health issues – self or other, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • More than one in five Australians (22%) reported mental health issues as a source of stress.

These factors as well others can have an impact on the health and wellbeing of womxn, so it comes as little surprise that womxn are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to nurture their own personal wellbeing, navigate their flow of life and prioritise themselves.

Presently, maybe you...

Feel like you don't have enough time, feeling drained and run down as there is too much to do in your professional life?

Can't remember your own needs and priorities in life?

Have your paperwork piling up and cannot find what you are looking for?

Continue to doubt and question yourself?

Missing deadlines and not following through on important tasks?


Procrastinating as you don't know where to start?

Or even feeling a sense of powerlessness over your personal life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't worry you are not alone!

Why not join us for CEO of YOU, so you can discover where you are and start creating a life you love (and yes it is possible 🙂 )!

Welcome to CEO of You...

CEO of You is a 6-week online (un)learning course for professional womxn who are ready to start to break up with draining habits (i.e. confusion, overcommitment, doubt, blame and lack)  to become the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of their own life and have more time to do the things they love in a safe and supportive environment.

What Will You Learn?

We will take the time so you can re-align to your head, heart, hands and feet. Specifically you will be invited to -

  • Learn ways to manage what is coming at you in your personal and professional life (including e-mail and paper flow),
  • Identify the whole-hearted version of your life, so you can start to establish lasting and sustainable habits to create that place,
  • Discover ways you unconsciously drain your time and energy in your life and then create strategies to fix the time and energy leaks,
  • Focus on prioritising and identify strategies to overcome procrastination and transform overwhelm,
  • Identify strategies to de-clutter and simplify your life,
  • Explore aspects of your personal and professional life that need tweaking and ways you can take the next step towards change.
  • Determine your strengths, skills and talents (yes you do have them!),
  • Learn techniques to bring you back in to alignment when life starts to get busy and overwhelming,
  • Determine the people in your life whom you can trust and turn to for support,
  • Create clear boundaries in your life and learn to say no gracefully (yes you can), and
  • Develop awareness around what is really stopping you from developing habits for wellbeing and creating work and life you love!

How does CEO of You work?

The CEO of You online (un)learning course starts on Saturday December 11, 2021.

Due to the Holiday Season, the dates are December 11 & 18, 2021, then January 1, 8, 15 and 22, 2022.

Masterclasses will be at 11am AEST Time and you can click here to find your own time zone.

CEO of You is all about you developing awareness, self-knowledge, self-care and self-trust so you can feel empowered to trust yourself and BE the expert in your own career and life. Throughout the 6 weeks, you will be given the opportunity to get clarity on what is holding you back in your career and life, developing effective habits, boundaries, support and most importantly learning to trust yourself again so you can live your purpose and create a life YOU love!

I'm Ready to Join!

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Willing is not enough; we must do."

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When you join CEO of You, you'll benefit from -

Personal Growth and (Un)Learning

As you participate and engage in CEO of You, you will discover additional self-worth and evolve as a person. Meeting consistently with a group of like-minded womxn can bring a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth.

Wisdom & Flow

There may be days (or weeks) in your profession or business when you do not have very much energy. However, when you are aligned with your own heart and soul and other people supporting you something happens and life starts to flow with ease and grace.

Practice, Practice, Practice...

The key to life is paying attention and being present. Yes, this can be challenging. On the surface, it can appear easier to bolt and run away (don't worry I have done that many, many times), however in the long run it doesn't work. This is why we are going to continually practice coming back to focus on yourself and your needs.


No longer will you feel like you are trying to do it all by yourself! In CEO of You, you will be setting up, focusing on and developing systems to track your accountability. You will find yourself more inspired to take action when you have a support system cheering you on.

Encouragement and Support

You will have encouragement and support. When was the last time someone gave you genuine support and celebrated your successes? In CEO of You, we want to share your successes, no matter how big or small they may seem!

I'm Ready to Join!

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle

What's included in CEO of You?

CEO of You is all about YOU feeling empowered to BE the expert in your own career and life.

 The breakdown of what you receive includes -

Who is CEO of You for?

CEO of You is for you if you...

  • are ready to break up with self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours (i.e. procrastination and overcommitment) and create habits that give you energy,
  • would like to step forward and stand in your own power (with the support of other wonderful women) and know you cannot do it all on your own,
  • want to continue to succeed in a way that is connected to your heart and soul,
  • reconnect with your deepest values and live in a more connected and sustainable way,
  • are ready to connect with a group of like-minded people to support you in being the expert of your own journey (yes we want to celebrate YOU and are not intimidated by your gifts and talents),
  • build a grounded sense of confidence and self-worth and change self-sabotaging patterns,
  • are waking up or have woken up to the truth of yourself as so much more than you thought,
  • want to be held accountable to your dreams and desires and live in harmony with all areas of your life,
  • want to belong to a professional (un)learning community that is practical and grounded in research and education, and
  • are ready to keep growing and learning to continue to take your personal and professional life to the next level!

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

I'm Ready to Join!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does CEO of You go for? +

CEO of You goes for 7 weeks (due to the Holiday Season). Once you have paid, you have access to the online (un)learning course for 180 days.

Jane I am not very technical, can I still participate? +

Don't worry, I know technology can be challenging and frustrating, so I have made it simple and easy to participate.

Do you currently have -

  • an e-mail account?
  • access to a reasonable internet connection?
  • know how to watch Youtube or access videos online?

Yes - Great! You will be able to participate in CEO of You! Also if you choose to be in the private messaging group, you will need access to Signal.

Is CEO of You Coaching? +

No. CEO of You is a online (un)learning course to develop self-awareness, self-kindness and self-knowledge that includes educational resources. The course has been designed for you to reconnect, organise and prioritise what is most important for you. Participants in the course take responsibility for their own experience and changes in behaviour.

I don't live in Australia, can I still join CEO of You? +

Of course you can! That is precisely why I have the online Masterclasses, create the resources and have a Signal Group - so we can cater for individual needs and requirements.

Do I get to work with you individually Jane? +

You have access to unlimited e-mail access to me over the 6 weeks. However, this course does not include coaching - just the Masterclasses.

Do you offer refunds? +

No – all sales are final on digital products and programs. We do not offer refunds.

How much does CEO of You cost? +

CEO of You costs $245AUD as an Introductory price. Click here to change to other currencies.

Do I have to attend the Masterclasses? +

It is totally up to you! The Masterclasses are a great way to connect and ask questions, however your attendance is up to you. As you can see by the inclusions, there are already over 50 lessons and worksheets in the (un)learning hub that you can get started with now as well as other templates etc. The Masterclass workbooks will be added just before each Masterclass as well.

Is CEO of You Psychotherapy or Counselling? +

No it is not. As identified above CEO of You is about education and (un)learning. Therefore, it is not treatment for any physical or mental health condition. It is about YOU developing awareness about your own professional and personal life situation. Participants in the course take ownership, responsibility and accountability for their own experience.

What currency is CEO of You offered in? +

CEO of You is is offered in Australian (AUD) currency. Click here to convert to your own currency.

More Questions?? +

Please e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why I created CEO of You...

Hi - I am Jane Taylor - let me share a little bit about me. After following the traditional path of success in a number of fields (tennis/sport, coaching and education), one day I thought - "there must be more to life than this..."

I was on a familiar treadmill - working long hours, travelling around Australia for work (which meant frequently being away from family and friends), not exercising much or looking after my health, really busy and very tired. On the outside it appeared as though life was great, however I was struggling, lost and didn't know what to do.

Following a lot of personal struggle and looking for love and all of the answers on the outside (i.e. people, achievements etc), I started to realise that personal freedom, love, happiness and wellbeing was an inside job and I had to do the work to discover that place within me and what these things meant for me - yes truly know that in my heart. I spent many years attending (and running/facilitating) personal and professional development, retreats and worked with some great teachers, coaches and mentors along the way (to whom I am deeply grateful for).

Today I can finally say, I know who I am. I know my strengths and weaknesses, am happy, healthy, having fun with life and have a group of people around me to whom I trust and confide in. I am Simply ME! Subsequently... CEO of You was created...

CEO of You is a 6-week online (un)learning community for professional womxn who are ready to start to break up with draining habits (i.e. confusion, overcommitment, doubt, blame and lack), to become the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of their own life and have more time to do the things they love in a safe and supportive environment. 

Are you ready to find the courage to look in the mirror and love what you see by getting clarity and start releasing what is no longer serving you so you can BE the CEO of You?

Your Investment is $245AUD (introductory price)!

I'm Ready to Join!

"The key to realising a dream is to focus not on success but on significance - and then even the small steps and little victories along your path with take on greater meaning." ~ Oprah Winfrey