Christmas Treats – Planning to Splurge or Stay on Track?

Following is a Guest Post from Kristy Zenk at Slim Birdy. One thing I like about Kirsty and her philosophy on food is she encourages people to tune in to their body and find out what works best for them (as let’s face it – we do have different requirements when it comes to what we put in to our bodies). 

Ok so Christmas is just around the corner. Does the time speed up when we hit December or is it just me?

Apart from the usual panic… ‘Oh no! I still haven’t found a gift for Aunt Betty,’ I wonder have you thought about your approach to this festive time with regard to your health and eating?

Some like to splurge and think, ‘to hell with it. Christmas comes once a year.’ So the plan is to eat everything in sight, drink everything in sight and deal with the consequences later. Fair enough.

For some the Christmas Day splurge starts at the work Christmas party early December, the many drinks and parties with friends, the Christmas Eve booze up, definite Christmas day blow out which turns into Christmas week mayhem and 5kgs stacked on later it becomes a New Year’s resolution problem. Uh oh!

Oops or is it twenty years of my life that I just described? You betcha!

I guess your approach will depend on where you are in the health and wellness game and you know, none of it is wrong. It took me 20 years of splurging and feeling miserable before I finally learned what I needed to learn. A bit slow I know! Doh.

I eventually broke the crazy cycle and made choices that led me to feeling physically well all the time. It’s a process and the speed of your journey through it all depends on how you want to feel.

For me now, feeling physically fantastic is at the forefront of all choices I make regarding what I eat, how much I eat, when I eat, and how I exercise. And guess what? For me it feels like splurging every day! Not just at Christmas.

I make chocolate, slices, cakes, toffee, gummie lollies and all manner of treats with ingredients that are health giving and that actually work with my natural appetite. I have one or two and it’s totally delicious yet satisfying to my cells as well, activating my ‘off switch,’ keeping me happy until the next time I’m hungry. It actually works automatically when you choose the foods that work with your body. How cool is that?

This is in stark contrast to the sugared up, chemical laden ‘food’, which had me devouring the whole block, packet or largest size of whatever in the past. Out of control is no fun, I assure you. Torturous actually.

So the choice is yours this Christmas, indulge on the day, sleep it off or go for a big long walk, then back to wellness thereafter. Do the December splurge and a few more years on the merry go round of misery until you feel like you want to change course. (All perfectly fine, I did it!)

Or you can splurge on health giving stuff, enjoy it to the max and stay on the wellness track forever. And do you know how I know my healthy treats taste good? Because I test them on people who have no interest in health whatsoever; if they give me the wide-eyed nod of approval, then I know I am onto a winner.

So even if you just introduce a few healthy things on your Christmas table this year, everyone may love it! (Don’t tell them it’s healthy, they’ll never know – wink, wink.)

WhiteChristmasV2Here are some options –

Happy Healthy Christmas everyone!

Sunshine, tropical beaches & summer breezes.

Kristy xxx


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