Following is some client feedback about the Greeting Card Assistant (Personal & Business) service offered at Habits for Wellbeing.

Karen Campbell – Owner Optimum Pest Control

“Dear Jane,

All of us at Optimum Pest Control would like to thank you SO much for helping us change the world one card at a time – OR actually several hundred at a time in fact – as we sent out your cards to all of our customers for Christmas.

You even came into our office and helped us through the initial setting up process which was fabulous – you made it SO easy.

When doing Christmas visits to my commercial customers, they all had the card proudly displayed and were delighted with the personal message, including their names, in the card.

You really are an “amazing Jane” and we love Jane’sCardsOnline and plan to use them a LOT more. It will be a year for Optimum Pest Control to help change the world one card at a time”.


Florian Stotz – Director Tropixel

“I would like to take a minute to say thank you for introducing me to SOC. During the past few months I have been using SOC to show my gratitude to my family, friends and clients. Here is a recent email I received from a good friend or mine whom I sent a card in which I thanked him for his recent referrals and as a way to show my gratification I paid his hosting fees for the next year.

“Hi Flo,

Thanks you so much for your your card and kind gesture. The last month has been really tough both mentally and financially… The stress has provided me with anxiety issues that have floored me. Even my car remains unregistered. Credit cards are maxed. In a month or so I’ll drag myself out of the mire so receiving your card was quite emotional.
I was on the verge of cancelling the account so it was wonderful to receive. A little ray of light.
Thanks again

The above response is just one of many responses I have received after sending someone a card from SOC. Their positive reaction just show me how important it is to change the world and make it a better one, one card at a time. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane’s services to any of my family or friends.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity – Florian Stotz Director Tropixel

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