Creating Income as a Health and Wellness Coach

If you are reading this post, I imagine as a health and wellness coach, you are passionate about health and are driven to make a meaningful change in the world. I don’t know about you, however one thing I wish I had learnt more about through my training as a coach, was the different ways of creating an income. Subsequently, in this post I am going to share more about –

  • the two main ways of creating income as a health and wellness coach, and
  • identifying what percentage of sales you create your income from.


Two Ways of Creating Income as a Health and Wellness Coach

As identified above, I wish I had learnt more about this in my training to become a coach. However, as life is for growing and evolving, I am grateful I know it now. Yes sometimes the “sales” can be challenging, however basically “sales” is the exchange of something. The two ways are creating sales as a wellness coach are from selling products and / or services. Let’s explore them both a little further…

A. Sales from Services –

As a health and wellness coach you can make sales from the services you provide (i.e. coaching or education). Just like a personal trainer, person who does pest control, a lawyer, an accountant or plumber – you are paid to provide a service to your client. Now let’s look at sales from products.

B. Sales from Products –

You can also make an income from selling products as a health and wellness coach. Just like a real estate agent sells a house (the product) or a baker sells bread (the product), a health and wellness coach can sell products. There are a variety of ways of doing this including selling –

  • self-made products (i.e. journals, toolkits or courses),
  • affiliate products (from people or companies whom you trust and use), or
  • direct sale products (your favourite products that you use and partnering with like-minded people / products).


What Percentage of Sales Do You Create Your Income From?

After reading the above, what makes up your incomes as a health and wellness coach (or future one)? What is your percentage from products and your percentage from services? Do you have a high percentage from services or products?

Most people would say services, however why not do both?

Yes, truly! Have you tried each of the three types of sales outlined above – self-made products, affiliate products and direct sale products? If you haven’t, which one haven’t you tried? If you have, which one do you find works best for you?


Over to You…

I hope this post has given you some insight as to how to create income as a health and wellness coach. If you are looking at partnering with other passionate health and wellness coaches as you create addition sources of income or maybe even start a business from scratch, feel free to come us here and let us know.

Right now, I am looking for passionate and health-driven people who are inspired by to take care of their health and empowering other people to do the same. It may or may not be for you, however you just never know until you reach out. And remember – you don’t have to go full-time in to your health and wellness business, you can start part-time and then when you have enough income for your needs and are ready, you can then transition in to full-time 🙂

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