Event + Response = Outcome: An Empowering Equation for Work and Life

Are you getting the results you want in life? If you are congratulations, I imagine you are living above the line and being 100% responsible for it. If you are not getting the results you are after, read on as the following equation can help!


100% Responsibility

If you have been reading my journal for a while, you will know I am a big fan of responsibility and living above the line.

I do believe we need to take personal responsibility for our lives and dreams and take conscious steps each day to create the life we desire. Yes, it can be challenging, however it is a choice. It is like what Jim Rohn says in the following quote –

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”

I have used this quote as a reminder for my own life many times, however today when I was on the internet, I came across the following equation by Jack Canfield that I really liked and wanted to share.


Event + Response = Outcome: An Empowering Equation for Work and Life

The equation Event + Response = Outcome is an empowering equation for work and life. Simply stated, if you don’t like the results you are currently getting in work or life, change your response (R) to the event (E) until you get the outcome (O) you are after.

Though this equation looks simple, however it isn’t necessarily easy to implement. It requires honesty with yourself, which can be challenging for some people as well as giving up other draining habits like blaming (i.e. the weather, other people, lack of money, lack of education or the systems) and complaining.

Creating and Living an Empowered and Whole-Hearted Life

To create and live an empowered life, we have to acknowledge that we are the one who can make different choices. We can choose different thoughts, take different actions and then these have an impact on the feelings we feel. We can choose to –

  • refrain from eating junk food and choose healthier options,
  • say ‘no’ to peer pressure and things that disempower us,
  • leave and find a better career if it is not aligned to our values,
  • trust our intuition when we feel something is not aligned wiht our heart,
  • go to university and follow our dreams,
  • reach out for help or ask others to assist us.


What Choice Are You Going to Make?

Are you happy with the results you are getting in your life? If so, congratulations!

If not, what choice are you going to make?

  1. Are you going to blame the event (E) for your lack of results or outcomes (O), or
  2. Change your responses (R) to the events (E) until you get the results or outcomes (O) you are after?


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Canfield, J. (2005). The Success Principles – How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. London, United Kingdom: Thorsons.

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