From Chaos to Calm -

A Workshop for Women to Reconnect, Reflect and Reset...

Time to take charge of your life, instead of it controlling you?

As human beings, we can let life happen to us or we can start to become the driver of our lives and create the life we truly want. The choice is ours (yes truly there is a choice). Yes, I know firsthand how change can be frustrating, however there is also another way. The calm way...

Let me show you how...

From Chaos to Calm - A Workshop for Women to Reconnect, Reflect and Reset...

This experiential workshop has been designed for busy-women to pause and reconnect to their needs and desires. From Chaos to Calm is structured around a process of self-knowledge, self-care and self-trust. Throughout the day, there will be a variety of individual, pair and group activities. However, if you prefer you can also do the activities individually (yes, I am an introvert as well!).

Jane will discuss and share how to use these concepts to create a state of inner calm and a more compassionate and supportive relationship with yourself.

Throughout the day, you will be invited to -

  • Learn science based practices on how you can start to create inner calm within your day
  • Practice activities and tools for creating calm in your life
  • Learn why the practices of acceptance, mindfulness and self-compassion are essential for your work, health and wellbeing
  • Discover how self-care can help you to be more open to supporting others
  • Understand why living a constantly busy life is not sustainable

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Learning Outcomes...

What would do with greater calm in your life? How would you feel? What would you do next?

At the end of the workshop, it is hoped you will have -

  • Reconnected with your vision and values in life
  • Increased clarity around your whole life (not just your career)
  • Increased knowledge on the science behind acceptance, mindfulness and self-compassion
  • Discovered 5 quick ways to bring calm in to your life when life gets super busy
  • Developed an action plan for self-care and wellbeing and plan your next 3 simple steps to take

Workshop Inclusions...

Following are the inclusions for the From Chaos to Calm workshop -

  • Participant Booklet
  • Participant Certificate
  • Experiential Activities and Tools
  • Extra Resources Sheet
  • 10-Minute Recorded Meditation

Details for the Workshop...

Time: 9.30am-12.30pm

Dates: Wednesday April 10, 2019

Venue: Kirra Hill Community and Cultural Centre (Meeting Room) 1 Garrick St (corner of Garrick Street and Powell Crescent), Coolangatta, QLD 4225.

Cost: Early Bird by April 3 by 5pm - $60 for 1 or $110 for 2 (+ Eventbrite fees or contact us here to be invoiced). After 5pm April 3 - $75 per person

Other Information - This one-day workshop has been linked to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and a certificate will be given to you on completion of the day as long as you have paid and pre-registered.

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The Facilitator...

Jane Taylor - Habits for Wellbeing

Jane Taylor is a coach, speaker and educator. She began her career as a professional athlete competing on the world tennis stage before finding her passion – learning and building relationships. This passion evolved in to a career in education as well as facilitating national coaching programs for Tennis Australia and co-ordinating national initiatives for education, before starting Habits for Wellbeing.

As a sensitive high-achiever, Jane learnt the hard way about creating calm. She was forced in to many "pauses". Each time she has learnt different insights about herself and now she is ready to share her knowledge and experiences. Jane has trained and facilitated over 30,000 people in leadership, coaching, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, self-compassion and mental health and wellbeing and really enjoys supporting women "Reconnect with Your Courage... One Habit at a Time." To read more about Jane’s experience and qualifications, please click here.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” ~ Carl Jung