I Am Enough and You Are Also Enough!

If you have been reading my journal recently you will know I have been taking my perfectionism to coaching. The penny dropped a little while back that I had tendencies towards perfectionism, however I didn’t know how deep it went, until recently. Subsequently, I have been writing about my journey as I am developing insights. I have recently written –

Hindsight is as beautiful thing and I can now see how I have had distorted thinking and very deep unresolved emotions and vulnerabilities (e.g. shame) linked to failure, approval and perfectionism from different experiences growing up. For me, underneath perfectionism has been a deep vulnerability around not being worthy of love and belonging or being enough (i.e. good enough).

For as long as I can remember, I have been constantly striving, wanting to be better and/or having more. I believed I had to earn the right to exist and be myself – I couldn’t just be myself. Some of these areas of constant striving in my life included –

  • Being fitter,
  • Being healthier,
  • Being smarter,
  • Being prettier,
  • Having more money,
  • Having more friends,
  • Having more time, and
  • Having more degrees/certificates.

As I continue to learn to embrace imperfection, I am slowly starting to see how I am enough and don’t have to earn the right to exist anymore. I am alive and enjoying life and that in itself is proof that I am enough and worthy to be alive. Some days this is easier than others, however I know in my heart I will truly embody my enoughness and worthiness one day!


How Am I Practising Enoughness?

To be honest this hasn’t been easy, however like the other distorted thinking patterns I have unravelled over the years, I know it will get easier over time. Currently, a couple of ways I am practising my enoughness include –

  1. Identifying and acknowledging the different parts of me where I am enough. For example – I am thoughtful and remember people’s birthdays.
  2. Recognising distorted thinking patterns (i.e. comparing myself to others and therefore not being enough). When I recognise a distorted thinking pattern, I stop and recognise it, then am present with the thoughts, associated feelings and body sensations.
  3. Repeating the words “I Am Enough”. Yes, I struggle with this and have strong emotions that come up, but again I know it will get easier the more I do it.

I hope that by sharing a little bit of my journey around practising enoughness, you can see that you are also enough and worthy of love and belonging. Remember –

“Love yourself – accept yourself – forgive yourself – and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” ~ Leo F. Buscaglia


Inspirational Video – I’m Enough

If you have a few extra minutes, you may like to watch this video (however make sure you have tissues close by).

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“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” ~ Maya Angelou


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