“I Am”…

Oh my gosh… have you ever been in a situation where you have been prompted to do something? You know, when you just take a different turn whilst you are driving and then end up running in to a friend that you haven’t seen in ages?

Well on February 28, 2012 I had one of those experiences. It was about 10.15pm and I was lying in bed reflecting on my day, when I was prompted to get up and look at Amazon. I have learnt to listen to these promptings, so I dutifully got up and turned on the computer. I kept listening and was guided to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book – Wishes Fulfilled. I have followed Dr Dyer’s work for many years now so purchased it immediately.

After it downloaded electronically (10.24pm), I began reading it straight away and within minutes I had tears running down my face. It was one of those experiences where I felt immense gratitude and complete humility. Why you may ask?

Well to be honest it is hard to put in to words, however I will try. Last year I came across the work of Neville and his book The Power of Awareness. This book had such a profound impact on my life that I changed the way I was going about things immediately upon reading it. I started living in a space as though my dreams were already manifesting and started using “I am” statements in my life.

I was living from that space as though my wishes were fulfilled and that is what Dr. Dyer refers to in his book “Wishes Fulfilled”.

This experience revealed to me that “I Am” connected (and Habits for Wellbeing) to something so much bigger than myself and to that I am truly grateful. I could never have picked the timing of Dr Dyer’s book release, being so close to the release of the “Work/Life Balance” sessions.

Life truly is a gift and I hope you continue to embrace every moment!


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