Life and Work – Starting to Understand the Implications

When the phrase life and work balance is mentioned, people readily think it means that one should spend equal number of hours between life and work. However, it is not as simple as that.

Life and work do not need to be allocated with the same number of hours. You can still find harmony despite having to spend more time at work or vice versa. One key thing to know is when to stop doing one thing to prevent you from experiencing burnout or feeling drained.


Possible Effects of Spending Too Much Time on Your Work

If you are a woman who spends more time at work and does not pay attention to anything else, chances are you might experience some of the following effects of overworking –

  • Exhaustion – while this may not sound serious, this can affect your work. If you feel weary, your effectiveness might suffer as well. When you are tired you can have the tendency not to think straight and or have clarity about what you are doing. This situation might cause you to make mistakes that you may not normally make.
  • Less time for family, friends and other social experiences – as stated earlier, work and life need not have the same amount of time in your everyday existence. However, if most of the time you are tied down with work and have less time to spend with yourself or others, chances are your relationships and other parts of your life suffer in the end. It is important to spend time keeping in touch with your family and friends and looking after yourself.
  • Your boss and co-workers will tend to expect more from you – everyone wants to prove to their employers and co-workers that they can achieve a variety of things. Everyone wants to put do their best. However, if you work for more hours than your colleagues, people will think that you have more time to spend at work. Then what can end up happening is they give you more work and sometimes this additional work means additional challenges and stress.


Start Focusing on Your Whole Life

There are a lot of things you can do to avoid disharmony across your life and work. One way is to start focusing on your whole life not just work. Yes, you have many other areas within your life including – confidence / emotional awareness, giving / contribution / community, family / friends, health / body / fitness and money / finances, just to name a few.


Over to You…

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