Habits for Wellbeing offers a range of Mindfulness sessions and programs to support people to deal effectively with stress in the workplace and empower leaders and entrepreneurs to find their own way of balancing the demands of work and life in today’s world.

Our sessions and programs can be tailored to your organisations needs – including: 2-hour sessions, 1-day sessions, retreats or the 8-Week MBSR Program. Some sample sessions include:

Mindfulness has been shown to increase concentration, clarity and focus and this can lead to greater patience and ease in workplace communication. Mindfulness can also be used as a strategy for self-care and support within the workplace. We cater for your needs (e.g. stress management, leadership, life transitions, change management), and offer half-day or full-day workshops as well as ongoing programs. We can discuss what mindfulness is, how it can be applied within the workplace, the research around mindfulness as well as some simple to use experiential activities around mindfulness that you can use in every day life. Participants may also choose to ‘take home’ an exercise to practice mindfulness.


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