Reading, Relationships and Reflection

Online Book Club and Professional Learning Community

Ready to join a meaningful professional learning community focused on self-leadership and wellbeing?

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” ~ Jim Rohn

Are you ready to -

  • Read more?
  • Invest more in your professional learning?
  • Build your relationships and grow your network?
  • Enhance your reading, discussion and reflection abilities?
  • Join a supportive professional learning community and have deep meaningful conversations?
  • Increase your self-leadership and wellbeing knowledge and understanding and then put this knowledge in to practise?

This Professional Learning Community Exists for 3 Reasons...

  • Professional and Personal Learning
  • Developing Relationships
  • Accountability

What Are the Details?

Day: Monday Night

Time: 6pm - 7.00pm (QLD Time)

Where: Online, so you choose where you are!

Online Meeting Dates: May 25, June 8 and June 22, 2020 - however discussion can start as soon as you join until June 22.  

Details: Discussion Week 1 - Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapter 1, 2, 3 & 4), Discussion Week 2 - Part 3 (Chapters 5, 6 & 7), Discussion Week 3 - Part 4 (Chapters 8-12) and book is below. 

What's Included? Your $50 investment includes access to the private What's App Community for discussions, organisation and facilitation of the discussions. It does NOT include the book. 

Number of People? This is a small professional learning community and will be a maximum of 10 womxn. 

Ready to Get Started?

Term 3, 2020 - $50 (AUD)

Book In Now...

FAQ's About the Online Book Club and Professional Learning Community...

Why a Book Club and Professional Learning Community? +

As identified, there are 3 main reasons -

  • increasing professional and personal learning,
  • build relationships and grow your network, and
  • accountability.

I know making time for professional learning can be a challenge, so I wanted to make it easier on you. All you need to do is purchase the book and arrive online at the scheduled time (oh, yes and read the book!).

What Are the Group Agreements? +

When you join the Reading, Relationships and Reflection - Book Club and Professional Learning Community, you will be agreeing to the following agreements and expectations. You will be -

  • have fun and in-joy your self,
  • expected to take 100% responsibility for your actions in your personal and professional life,
  • keep all tools to yourself,
  • keep member discussions confidential (and recordings),
  • be respectful of members, and
  • act with integrity.

If any of the above agreements are broken, your membership will be revoked.

What is the First Book? +

The next book is The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

The reading details are -

  • Discussion Week 1 - Part 1 & Part 2 (Chapter 1, 2, 3 & 4), 
  • Discussion Week 2 - Part 3 (Chapters 5, 6 & 7),
  • Discussion Week 3 - Part 4 (Chapters 8-12).
What Types of Books Are Going to Be Read? +

As the intention is on professional learning with a focus on self-leadership and wellbeing, the books will be non-fiction. Some examples could include -

  • Biographies and memories,
  • Thought leaders,
  • Change leaders.

Also - books will be primarily written by womxn.

Why Linked-in and Not Facebook? +

As this is a professional learning community, I have decided to use Linked-in as Linked-in is a more professional network.

Will this be available after this round? +

It depends on how this trial goes. I will send a quick survey out to the participants to ask for feedforward and then the decision will be made 🙂

Who is the Online Book Club for? +

The online book club and professional learning community is for you if you are ready to read inspirational and life-changing books, have deep discussions with other womxn (who are also passionate learners) and be held accountable and open to sharing what you have learnt.

Who Can Join the Book Club and Professional Learning Community? +

We want to create a Professional Learning Community, so we ask that you join if you are -

  • willing to learn and grow your skills,
  • going to read the book (yes, one per quarter), and
  • willing to follow the group agreements.
Who Chooses the Book? +

To start with, Jane has chosen the book. More than likely in the future, it will be a nomination and the top three choices will be voted on.

Why Only 10 Participants? +

There are many reasons, I would like to create a community -

  • where all voices can be heard and are valued,
  • that is focused on learning and great discussion,
  • who are open to learning and want to read the book, and
  • that wants to build relationships with the people who are in there (quality not quantity).
Other Questions? +

Just click here to send an e-mail and I will get back to you soon.

Daily Inspiration...

Client Feedback

"Great! Thanks. I feel positive to continue on my life journey knowing what I can work on to continue to have success in life." - School Principal

"Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane." - Teacher, Brisbane

Click here to read more feedback.

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