PERMA – A Well-being Theory by Martin Seligman

The PERMA Model is a well-being theory. It has been developed by positive psychologist Marin Seligman. “Well-being theory denies that the topic of positive psychology is a real thing: rather the topic is a construct – well-being – which in turn has several measurable elements, each a real thing, each contributing to well-being, but none defining well-being.” (p.20).

The PERMA model identifies five essential elements to well-being. They are:

  1. Positive Emotions (P).
  2. Engagement (E).
  3. Positive Relationships (R).
  4. Meaning (M).
  5. Achievement/Accomplishment (A).

PERMA Model Well-being Theory by Martin Seligman

By focusing on the five elements on the PERMA model, we can flourish in life, and discover happiness. Subsequently, PERMA gives us the starting point for living a great life!

Martin Seligman on PERMA

In the following clip, Martin Seligman talks about PERMA, his theory of wellbeing.

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Reference –

Seligman, M. (2011). Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being. New York, U.S.A: Free Press.


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