Reviewing the Past 28 Days, Cultivating Presence for the Next

A few weeks ago, I ran a webinar on how I do my 28-Day CEO Date (as I am the Chief Empowerment Officer – CEO – of me). For me, the intention behind the date is to help me to discover where I am in relation to my dreams and vision and discover any places that need tweaking (yep I am also still unlearning and growing).

After I ran the webinar, I had a few clients, friends and colleagues who couldn’t make it ask for a recorded version. So today I am putting it here as I recorded it this morning. In the following clip I discuss –

  • Welcome & Your Intentions, 
  • Why Do a 28-Day Review?
  • Complete a 28-Day Review (if you choose to do it), 
  • Why Cultivate Presence & Re/Connect?
  • Thank You…


Reviewing the Past 28 Days, Cultivating Presence for the Next

Here is the clip on reviewing the past 28 days and cultivating presence for the next. Before you start it, you may like to have a piece of paper or you can download the booklet here or by clicking below.

Further Information Mentioned in the Booklet and Clip…

Following are a few of the links I mentioned in the clip –


Over to You…

I hope this post has given you some insight in to how to do a 28-day review and cultivate presence for the next. If you have any questions, please leave them below or contact us here 🙂


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