Suddenly My Body by Eve Ensler

I have shared this video Suddenly My Body by Eve Ensler recently and wanted to share it here. A few years back, in my first silent meditation retreat in 2008 I discovered this for my self. When I left that retreat I made a promise to myself to start inhabiting my body and it has been an adventure ever since – befriending my body to harmonise with the world.


Suddenly My Body by Eve Ensler


Over to You…

I hope this post has give you some insight in to how you can realign to you. If you choose to go on this adventure, please make sure you take good care of yourself and also find compassionate and trained people to support you on the adventure. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I also like this reminder on realignment from Eckhart Tolle –

“If I accept the fact that my relationships are here to make me conscious, instead of happy, then my relationships become a wonderful self mastery tool that keeps realigning me with my higher purpose for living.”


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