Background and Why?  

As a child, I can remember being organised. It is something that came natural to me. Then when I became a teacher and working with many students, parents, support staff, administrators and other teachers, I realised not everyone saw the connections and links that I did.

Over time, I discovered I was CS in Extended DISC, which made sense, as I love creating systems and the administration sides of things (as well as a few other things).

Synchronicities continued to happen over time, however I didn't think much about it until some friends (and then later clients) asked me to help them to set-up their own self-management systems and get organised in their in their life.

They shared with me how much it helped and supported them in their lives, by decreasing their stress levels, get organised and focus on the things that mattered most to them.

Subsequently.... The Systemising You Toolkit was created...

Welcome to Systemising You -

An Online (Un)Learning Toolkit for Reconnecting, Organising and Prioritising What Matters Most to You...

What Will We Cover?

When you purchase the Systemising You Toolkit, you will be given the opportunity to -

  • take time and reflect on your own life,
  • develop systems, processes, checklists and templates for your life,
  • decrease stress levels and increase self-management and effectiveness,
  • work on your life, so then you can focus on the essentials and priorities!

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to the Systemising You Toolkit, however most of all it is about systemising and organising your life.

Other benefits could include -

  • saving time - how much time do you currently spend doing administration tasks and trying to find documents? What would your life look like if you were able to invest more time in doing more of the things you love?
  • less stress and worry - what would you give to be able to do the most efficient and effective activities in your life? Yes, so your life flows with ease and no paperwork falls through the cracks again!
  • greater energy - ever wasted energy trying to find important documents or if something had been sent or completed?
  • saving money - ever had to pay late fees because you forgot expenses were due and ended up paying late fees?
  • decreased stress - is your disorganisation taking a toll on your stress and confidence levels? Or maybe even your relationships with friends and colleagues? Could realigning with your own priorities and being organised help with your own stress?

By focusing on the above benefits, you will then be able to spend more time focusing on what matters most to you! How does that sound?

"The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize.” - Shigeo Shingo

What's Included in the Toolkit?

At present, the following is included in the Toolkit...

Lessons and Worksheets

Currently there are 11 lessons / worksheets and 26 (un)learning experiments within the (un)learning hub. Some of these lessons include templates, however many are stand alone lessons with worksheets.


At the present time, there are 15 templates you can use to help create your own systems in your life (including identifying your priorities, reducing distractions and reviewing your systems).

Accountability from Jane

Accountability is built in to the Systemising You Toolkit, so Jane can help you stay accountable to yourself. You can also be added to daily inspirational quotes 🙂

Access to the Online (Un)Learning Hub

You will have access to the (un)learning hub for 180 days. If you require more time, please e-mail Jane. Presently, a total of 50 seperate topics/areas exist in there.

Unlimited E-mail Support from Jane

You will have access to unlimited e-mail support form Jane over the 180 days to ask further questions. Your e-mails will also be prioritised.

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You do not RISE to the level of your GOALS. You FALL to the level of your SYSTEMS.” ~ James Clear

How Does the Systemising You Toolkit Work?

Following is a basic outline of the 6 modules within the toolkit. Each module includes a range of lessons / learning opportunities (including worksheets). Some lessons also include templates and you can work through the toolkit at your own pace and in your own time.

Start Here

The Start Here section is the administration section of the (un)learning hub.

Module 1 - Introduction to Systemising You

The first module is an introduction to change, committing to your intentions, giving yourself permission to change and living above the line.

Module 2 - Systemising You

This module is focused on systems and processes. What are they, how can you build them in to your life and starting to create them!

Module 3 - Lightening the Stress Load

Module 3 is about identifying the different ways stress can show up in your life and ways to start to untangle from it (i.e. managing interruptions, learning to say 'no').

Module 4 - Mastering Your Time & Energy

In Module 4 we look at time / energy and different ways to master your own time and energy. We also look at creating your own personal and professional development outline.

Module 5 - Ideas for Growing Systems Sustainably

Module 5 is about ways to grow systems in your life sustainably. Examples of lessons including applying kaizen and creating a self-empowerment portfolio.

Module 6 - Useful Tools & Resources

In Module 6, there is an outline of a variety useful tools and resources to help you continue to stay connected, organised and focused on what matters to you.


We wind up with a review, including ways to feedforward and how to create an ongoing conversation on systems.

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"Money, I can only gain or lose. But time I can only lose. So, I must spend it carefully." ~ Author Unknown

Who is the Systemising You Toolkit for?

The Systemising You Toolkit has been created for the womxn who -

  • wants to start to develop her self-management skills and look holistically at her life (not just the parts),
  • knows it is time to implement and take action to get organised and focused on what matters most to her,
  • is ready to get serious about creating systems and processes in her life, so she can take her life to the next level.
  • wants to optimise the fulfillment of their goals and intentions to achieve greater sense of accomplishment, and
  • is ready to increase life satisfaction and meaning.

Further Questions?

Can I see the contents of the toolkit? +

Yes you can! There is a FREE short preview in the (un)learning hub here.

More questions? +

Please e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. I will also be adding more FAQ's here as time goes on.

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“Experts in every field agree on the transformative power of systems” ~ Mark Joiner