There is Another Way to Live – The End of Suffering

A few years ago before my personal journey really started to take on a different tangent and I started seeing things with a "The world is not here to make you happy. It's here to make you conscious." - Eckhart Tollebeginner’s mind and allowed life to be as it is, I wanted

In many ways, by engaging in my behaviours and trying to avoid the present moment, I was sabotaging my life and creating suffering for myself (not that I realised this consciously at the time). At some stage, I got courageous enough to realise there must be another way to live and I let go and deeply surrendered to life – the way it was not how I wanted it to be.

In the following snippet, Eckhart Tolle talks about this other way to live and allowing and accepting life as it is NOW – not how we want it to be. In this 5.14 minute video, Eckhart Tolle refers to –

  • surrendering to the moment,
  • how most of the suffering is self-created (out of a resistance to what is) or a perception.
  • suffering is a wonderful teacher and how it deepens you,
  • how to a large extent humans create their own suffering,
  • the process of realisation that you don’t need to, and
  • there can be an end to self-inflicted suffering as the suffering is often created by our thoughts of the situation (i.e. distorted thinking) not the situation per se (although situations can be challenging).


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