Time to Create Your Joy List?

If you have been reading the journal for a while, you may already know one of the books that really helped me along my whole-hearted connection adventure was the Top Five Regrets of the Dying. I came across it around the time of my first 10-day silent meditation retreat. Yes, that time when I was working crazy hours, drinking a few energy drinks a day and neglecting parts of my life and deeper self.

Along the adventure to discovering who I was, I created a joy list. And today I wanted to share with you more about that process.


What is a Joy List?

Simply, a joy list is a list of things that connects you with joy. I don’t say brings you joy as I resonate with the following two quotes –

  • “Joy is not in things; it is in us.” ~ Richard Wagner, and
  • “Pleasure is always derived from something outside you, whereas joy arises from within.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


Time to Create Your Joy List?

Would you like to create your own joy list? If so, this is one way you can do it –

1. Find Something to Take Notes on –

It could be a blank piece of paper, your smartphone, laptop. It is totally up to you.

2. Write Down Activities that You In-joy –

Now it is time to start identifying what you in-joy! For example – who are the people you in-joy being with? What activities do you in-joy doing? What places do you in-joy being in? What did you laugh at this week? Respectfully of course)! 🙂

Write down as many things as you can that connect you to your joy.

3. Read Over Your List –

After writing your list, read over your list to make sure you truly in-joy what you have written. If you find something that you don’t truly in-joy or just think you “should” do it, you may like to choose to cross it off (remember it is up to you).

4. Schedule Joy Activities into Your Life –

Once you have your list, you might like to prioritise them to ensure you have joy in your life.


Over to You…

Remember, we all have the same 10,080 minutes in a week. How we invest and spend that time is often a choice. So, what choice can you make this week? Is it time to create your joy list and then can you include some more things on your joy list?


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