Time to Transform Your Technology Habits?

Do you have a healthy relationship with technology? Or are you like many people and know it is time to transform your technology habits? Don’t get me wrong, technology can be really useful as long as we have control of it and have clear boundaries, not the other way round.


Paying Attention to Our Technology Habits

Before we talk about ways to have a healthy relationship with technology, I wanted to share the following video. The producer of the video interviewed people about time and how much screen time each of them had. The results are surprising as you can see.


Why Do You Want to Transform Your Technology Habits?

How are your technology habits? Are they similar to the people in the video? Why do you want to transform you technology habits? For example – do you want to start writing a book, want to move your body more or feel as though you not present with your loved ones when they are around?  As Henry Cloud says in Boundaries – “Find the misery and make a rule.” Once you know the reason/s why you want to create a healthier relationship with technology, it is a lot easier to start to transform your unhealthy habits.


3 Ways to Transform Your Technology Habits

Tip 1 – Monitor Your Technology Usage

Don’t worry I know this can be confronting, however I have survived. This action has definitely transformed my technology habits. Every week, RescueTime sends me an overview of what websites and applications I have used the previous week. For me, this helps me to stay accountable to myself and the goals etc. I am working on. Following is shot of the top two records I receive –

Tip 2 – Put Your Phone on Do Not Disturb Mode When With Family / Friends

When you are with family and/or friends, keep you phone on do not disturb mode. By having your phone in this mode, you can be present with the people you are with and have conversations without being interrupted. You can also leave your phone in your bag and without of reach.

Tip 3 – Set a Timer When You Are on Social Media

Have you ever noticed how time seems to fly when you are scrolling? If so, when you are going on to social media, decide beforehand how much time you are going to spend on there and then set a timer for that amount of time (for example – 15 minutes). Then, once the timer goes off, move on to your next activity.


Over to You…

I hope this post has give you some insight in to ways to transform your unhealthy technology habits. Are there any other tips you would add? If so, feel free to share them below! Also, if you have any comments, please leave them below. If you are ready to start creating boundaries with courage, click here.


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