What Would Your Note to Self Say?

This week is Valentine’s Day. As a single woman, Valentine’s Day used to challenge me as many of my friends and family were celebrating with their loved ones, so I decided to create something different. I decided that until my situation changed, Valentine’s Day is about self-care, self-love and self-healing. Subsequently, I decided to create a note to self.


What is a Note to Self?

For me a note to self is a reminder of what is important and what matters to me in my life. As we are all unique, our notes to self will be different, however I also imagine there would be some similarities. Here is an example of a note to self –

What Would Your Note to Self Say?

Would your note to self include –

  • spending time in nature,
  • eating nourishing foods,
  • cheering yourself on,
  • supporting yourself,
  • speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself, or
  • expressing your creativity?

My note to self change each year and align to my vision, I Am Statements and power word for the year.


Over to You…

If it time to create a note for yourself to remind you to take care of yourself? If so, feel free to share it below?


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