If you are wondering what self-care and self-love look like in practice, don't worry you are not alone!

Sound Familiar?

Maybe you are wanting to commit to living your most courageous and truest life.

You start each day with the best intentions - you are going to show yourself more compassion, go to your favourite exercise class, start a business, make that challenging phone call, finish that report, write your book, start that new project or ???? etc.

Bit by bit you get drawn in to the vortex of activities that drain your energy. For example - urgencies that had nothing to do with you, social media or the overwhelming list of things to do at work and your personal life.

Then, all of a sudden the time and your well-intentioned plans are forgotten.

This cycle can go on for years, unless it is interrupted...

It's time to pause and create a different type of balance between work and life.

It's time to realise it is no longer about the hustle, pushing or feeling overwhelmed to get things done and forgetting about your own needs and desires.

It's time to create a new way of life - one that is aligned with the flow of your own energy and heart (not just your head) and is sustainable and nourishing.

Welcome to the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women...

Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is a safe and supportive online learning community for women who are ready to invest time and attention to reconnect with themselves, so they can make empowering choices, focus on what matters most to them and trust themselves to create and lead a whole-hearted life with the support of ongoing personal and professional (un)learning.

How It Works...

Each month you are a member of the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women, you have the opportunity to pause and reconnect with your own inner wisdom and align with what matters to you by developing self-knowledge, learning to like and trusting your self.

The monthly Themed Masterclass is the focus of 'Whole-Hearted'. Each month (the first Saturday of the month) we will meet and I will share the monthly topic in the Masterclass. In this Masterclass, I will guide you through -

  • Inquiry questions and journalling prompts relevant to the monthly theme to help support your focus and take action on what matters most,
  • Activities and exercises on the monthly theme to deepen awareness and let-go of any resistance to your hearts desire,
  • Simple habit ideas to help support you to deepen your own wisdom and centre within your own being, and
  • Stories and poetry to feed your own inner guide and wisdom.

Here's What Else You Receive Every Month By Belonging to Whole-Hearted...

Each month, you will receive a themed workbook. The workbook will include activities and exercises to help you discover and apply ‘ah-ha’ moments.

Each month, there will be 1 x 60-minute Q & A Discussion with Jane. It is the 4th Saturday of the month at 11am QLD time.

At the start of the month, you will receive the daily energy tracking sheet so you can print it out and track your energy during the month (then reflect on them at the end of the month).

You have access to the Online Learning Hub, whilst you are a member. All of the research and workbooks are housed in the Hub for ease of use.

When you join Whole-Hearted Academy you can connect with other like-minded women in our secret Facebook group (whilst you are a member).

Each month there will be between 2-4 relevant articles and/or research on the topic to support your learnings available in the learning portal.

Our Facebook group is a great place to share any changes you have noticed and your focus for the month.

You will have access to an ICF Certified Coach for each month you are a member in the secret Facebook group, so you can ask questions.

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~ Old Chinese Proverb

This is what we will be focusing on each month in Whole-Hearted...

When you join the Whole-Hearted Living Academy, you will join a community of women who will be learning to -

  • Thrive as a woman and leader in ways that don’t involve hustling, working harder or longer
  • Trust themselves and know what is their responsibility and what is not
  • Understand the benefits and rewards of asking for help
  • Do more of the things that give them joy and energy (not deplete it)
  • Notice when them are most productive throughout the day, week, month and year and when is best for you to take a rest
  • Work in a way that honours their body and helps them tap in to their own energy and creativity
  • Reclaim their own authenticity and power (yes you do have it)
  • Discover and invest in their own needs and dreams, so they can focus on what matters to them!

When you join the Whole-Hearted Academy, you'll benefit from -

Personal Growth and (Un)Learning

As you participate and engage in the Whole-Hearted Academy on a regular basis, you will discover additional self-worth and evolve as a person. Meeting with a group of like-minded women can bring a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth.

Energy & Flow

There may be days (or weeks) in your profession or business when you do not have very much energy. However, when you are aligned with your own heart, mind, body and soul and other women something happens and life starts to flow with ease and grace.

Practice, Practice, Practice...

The key to life is paying attention and being present. Yes, this can be challenging. On the surface, it can appear easier to bolt and run away (don't worry I have done that many, many times), however in the long run it doesn't work. This is why we are going to continually practice coming back to focus on yourself and your needs.


No longer will you feel like you are trying to do it all by yourself! In Whole-Hearted Academy, you will be setting up, focusing on and tracking your accountability systems. You will find yourself more inspired to take action when you have a support system cheering you on.

Encouragement and Support

You will have encouragement from other members. When was the last time someone gave you genuine support and celebrated your successes? In Whole-Hearted, we want to share your successes, no matter how big or small they may seem!

Click Here to Join - Subscription $20/mth
Click Here to Join - $197 for the 12 mths

Topics we will be Exploring and Developing...

Depending on the research you read, some people say it takes 18 - 254 days to change or develop a habit and change the neural pathways in your brain. I am not sure which research to believe some days, however what I do know is that it takes awareness, action and commitment to create sustainable change and develop effective habits and only you can make those changes (no-one can do it for us).

Therefore, each month we will be exploring and focusing on specific topics (i.e. developing knowledge and awareness) and then from there, you can decide what habits you would like to create. The topics for each month are listed below -

Starting to untangle from fear and perfection and cultivating your vision and taking small steps towards wellbeing.

Starting to untangle from self-criticism and judgment and developing your self-compassion.

Starting to untangle from lack and scarcity and reconnecting with gratitude and appreciation.

Starting to untangle from financial chaos and reconnecting with financial clarity.

Starting to untangle from self-doubt and reconnecting with self-confidence.

Starting to untangle from procrastination and reconnecting with flow.

Starting to untangle from overwhelm and reconnecting with clarity and calm.

Starting to untangle from lack of boundaries and / or trust and developing your inner circle (close relationships).

Starting to untangle from confusion and judgement around emotions and increasing emotional literacy.

Starting to untangle from busyness and rushing and deepening calm and stillness.

Starting to untangle from guilt and self-sacrifice and reconnecting with play and vitality.

Starting to untangle from comparison and reconnecting with creativity.

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Click Here to Join - $197 for the 12 mths

“We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." ~ Joseph Campbell

Who is the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women for?

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is for the CEO, the teacher, the assistant teacher, the nurse, the business owner, the real estate agent, the sporting coach, the accountant, the human resources manager, business services manager, the receptionist, the mum, the grandmother, the writer, the printer and anyone else who has a successful career and very real time constraints.

It is for the woman who wants to be more, accomplish more, do more, but most of all be present more. It is also for the woman who wants to do less. The woman who wants to undo what they have done and stop pushing to do and allow more being to unfold.

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is for the woman who is ready to start a new project and bring something new in to the world. That project could be a book, a new business, a course or even transitioning in to a new job.

It is for the woman who is ready to stop, rest and begin to listen to their own inner wisdom and truth.

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is for the woman who is ready to break-up with draining habits (i.e. "shoulds", "comparisons", "blame") and create greater freedom and sustainable wellbeing.

It is for all of us who are ready to practice being more alive and awake in this world, whilst increasing compassion, connection and courage.

Basically, the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is about you coming home to yourself, showing up for you for at least three hours per month.

  • are too busy to look after their needs and desires
  • are ready to break up with disempowering habits and create habits that give you energy
  • would like to step forward and stand in your own power (with the support of other wonderful women) and know you cannot do it all on your own
  • want to continue to succeed in a way that is connected to your heart, mind, body and soul
  • reconnect with your deepest potential and live in a more connected and sustainable way
  • are ready to connect with a group of like-minded women to support you in being the expert of your own journey (yes we want to celebrate YOU and are not intimidated by your gifts and talents)
  • build a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-worth and change self-sabotaging patterns
  • are waking up or have woken up to the truth of yourself as so much more than you thought
  • want to be held accountable to your dreams and desires and live in harmony with all areas of their life
  • would like access to consistent learning and support to stay focused
  • want to belong to a community that is practical and grounded in research and education
  • are ready to keep growing and learning in their personal and professional life!

What Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is NOT...

Small Steps is NOT -

  • another blueprint, program or or 7-step course (human beings are too complex and simple for them - yes that is a paradox 🙂 ),
  • about being perfect - it is about embracing your humanness and who you truly are whole-heartedly,
  • following a program to get certain results. I cannot guarantee what you will receive (it depends on where you are and what you want to focus on for the month),  and
  • an advice giving space (as you are not broken and do not need fixing). It is about you returning to be the expert in your own life and learning to trust yourself fully.
Click Here to Join - Subscription $20/mth
Click Here to Join - $197 for the 12 mths

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women go for? +

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is a monthly subscription ($20AUD) or you can also pay the yearly fee ($197AUD - 2 months free). So it really depends on what you choose!

There is no lock-in contract for the monthly subscription. You will be charged monthly if you choose the subscription ($20AUD month) and can stop at any time (and that is your responsibility).

Jane I am not very technical, can I still participate? +

Don't worry, I know technology can be challenging and frustrating, so I have made it simple and easy to participate.

Do you currently have -

  • an e-mail account?
  • can access Facebook?
  • access to a reasonable internet connection?
  • know how to watch Youtube or access videos online?

Yes - Great! You will be able to participate in the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women!

I don't live in Australia, can I still join the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women? +

Of course you can! That is precisely why this is online - so we can cater for individual needs and requirements.

Jane do I get to work individually with you? +

You get access to the Masterclasses I host. The Masterclasses include self inquiry, journalling and exercises. You will also have access to the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women secret Facebook group, whilst you are a member. In this group, I will regularly participate in discussions and you may ask questions whilst you are in there.

Is the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women Coaching? +


The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is an educational program, not coaching. Participants in the program take responsibility for their own experience and changes in behaviour. Jane Taylor and any guest experts do not have a professional relationship with them, unless participants choose to hire them for other services.

What currency is the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women offered in? +

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women price is in Australian dollars.

We use PayPal and Stripe for our payments, so you will be able to pay in your local currency (and PayPal / Stripe converts it for you). So it doesn't matter where you live in the world, you can join us!

Could the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women be useful for coaching, mindfulness or psychotherapy training? +

It is important to understand that the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is NOT coaching, mindfulness or psychotherapy training. However, it could be a useful add-on to these as well as education/teacher and human resources training.

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is all about education - providing tools, strategies and resources to support you to make any changes you choose to and become the expert in your own life and stand in your own power.

If you are in psychotherapy whilst you are involved with the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women, please tell your therapist.

How much does the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women cost? +

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is a monthly subscription ($20AUD) or you can also pay the yearly fee ($197AUD - 2 months free). So it really depends on what you choose!

There is no lock-in contract for the monthly subscription. You will be charged monthly if you choose the subscription ($20AUD month) and can stop at any time (and that is your responsibility).

Is the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women Psychotherapy or Counselling? +

No, it is not.

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is all about education and you developing self-awareness and self-trust, it is not for treatment for any physical or mental health condition. All participants in the community agree to take responsibility for their own experience and the actions they take.

What is the schedule for each month? +

On the 1st day of each month we start a new topic. In the first Masterclass, you can identify where you are in relation to the topic and what is holding you back. Each day you will receive reminders and inspiration in the Facebook group.

There will be 2 x Live Masterclasses (approximately 60-minutes) with Jane about the focus for the month.

The schedule is as follows –

  • the 1st Saturday of the month at 11am (QLD Time) - themed Masterclass, and
  • 4th Saturday of the month at 11am (QLD Time) - Q & A Masterclass.

Jane will send you the link to register for these Masterclass session closer to the time.


Jane, I promised I wouldn't sign up to another 'Program', how is this different? +

Great, because this is not a program. This is about you developing your own self-awareness, taking care of yourself and learning to trust your own inner wisdom.

Each Masterclass is a standalone experience and you choose what you want to focus on at the end. However, there is also the Daily Energy Tracker, so you can tune in and learn to master your own energy and notice where you are each day.

More Questions?? +

Please e-mail support@habitsforwellbeing.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why I created the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women...

Hi - I am Jane Taylor - let me share a little bit about the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women.

At the end of 2014, I made a promise to myself - to be my own best friend by the end of 2015. I started to question everything around me (and still do). I created boundaries, broke up with disempowering habits, allowed myself to stay in bed until I wanted to get up (some days), donated money to charities I wanted to, let go of situations and experiences that were exhausting me, allowed myself to start receiving more, find my voice and started speaking up more as well as a number of other aspects. I also went to a lot of amazing professional development, however felt a little let down with the lack of follow-up support.

This continued in to the following years as I realised many of the things I was doing needed to become habits for my own wellbeing. Today, I feel more like the real Jane than I have in years. Yes, the adventure has been (and is) challenging (yep that's the truth), however I can see clearly now that what I needed was to pause and gently reconnect with my own world of fears, distorted thoughts and insecurities as they held wisdom. Then once I was clear, I could take small steps to my vision and purpose. Pausing and reflecting is now well-ingrained in to my world and I continue to take small steps each day to living whole-heartedly. However, I also want to continue (consistently) this adventure in a community of like-minded women who are ready to start to take small steps towards their dreams and reconnect with their own wisdom.

So, I sent a survey out to the people on the Habits for Wellbeing list to see if this was something they also wanted to be apart of. They told me very clearly they wanted a place to learn more about self-care and wellbeing and then implement what they chose to. Subsequently, the Whole-Hearted Academy for Women was created.

The Whole-Hearted Academy for Women is a safe and supportive online learning community for women who are ready to invest time and attention to reconnect with themselves, so they can make empowering choices, focus on what matters most to them and trust themselves to create and lead a whole-hearted life with the support ongoing personal and professional (un)learning.

Your investment is just $20AUD mth or $197AUD per year.

Click Here to Join - Subscription $20/mth
Click Here to Join - $197 for the 12 mths

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.

We ask ourselves – Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are born to manifest the glory that is within us. It is not within some of us, it is in everyone.

And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”.

Marianne Williamson.