Habits for Wellbeing Presents -

Untangling the Stress Cycle (Un)Learning Circle...

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Date: Saturday June 3, 2023

Time: 11am QLD Australia Time - click here for your timezone.

Where: Online - Zoom so your choice!

Cost: $47 AUD (includes an e-workbook)

Top three reasons to attend this live circle:

  • Ready to focus on starting to untangle from stress?
  • Curious about how to start to untangle from habits that drain your energy, so your can focus on your gifts to the world?
  • Feeling like you are on autopilot to get through the day and know it is time to focus on your own needs and priorities?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you're invited!

In this interactive educational 60-minute LIVE (un)learning circle you will be given the opportunity to -

  • Discover what stress is and identify what stress you may have in your life,
  • Discover ways to map your own stress cycle to start to untangle from stress,
  • Learn to pay attention to what gives you energy and what drains our energy, and
  • Start to identify ways to start to navigate your own stress levels in line with your nervous system.
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