Know it is time to pause and create a different harmony and balance between elite sport and life?

Starting to realise it is no longer about the hustle, pushing or feeling overwhelmed to get things done and forgetting about your own needs and desires?

Or ready to create a new way of life - one that is aligned with your freedom and flow of your whole self (i.e. your energy and heart, not just your head) and that is sustainable and nourishing.

And of course you're welcome to attend as you are!

Welcome to Whole-Hearted Connection...

Whole-Hearted Connection is an online (un)learning, resilience-building and wellbeing haven for athletes who are ready to invest time and attention to reconnect with their inner wisdom, untangle from draining habits (e.g. overwhelm, pleasing others and procrastination), engage and live in flow with all parts of their life (not just their sport) and BE more whole-heartedly themselves through self-awareness, self-care, personal accountability and aligned action.

When you are part of Whole-Hearted Connection, you're invited to reconnect, engage and commit with your whole Self and the parts of life that matter most...

For Example - Giving / Contribution / Community, Confidence / Emotional Awareness, Your Sport / Business, Family / Friends, Health / Body / Movement, Leisure / Fun and Personal Growth - what ever is the most important to you...

How It Works...

As a member of Whole-Hearted Connection, you have the opportunity to pause and reconnect with your own inner wisdom, develop greater self-acceptance and confidence and align with what matters to you by developing self-knowledge, learning to like and trusting your self.

The 60-Minute Online Gathering Circle is a core part of 'Whole-Hearted Connection'. Each 28 days in the Circle we will meet and I will guide you through -

  • Inquiry questions and journalling prompts to help support your focus and take action on what matters most to you at that time,
  • Activities and exercises to deepen awareness and let-go of any resistance to your hearts desire,
  • Simple habit ideas around the monthly theme to help support you to deepen your own wisdom and centre within your own being, and
  • Stories and poetry to feed your own inner guide and wisdom.

The first circle is on May 30, 2022 7pm QLD Time and each circle will coincide with the New Moon (dates below). If this time does not work for you and you are committed to attending, please e-mail me. Click here to identify your time zone.

Here's What Else You Receive By Belonging to Whole-Hearted Connection...

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." ~ Walt Disney

When you join Whole-Hearted Connection, you'll benefit from -

When you are ready for change in your sport and life, there are so many options. There is NO one right answer.

You are 'unique' and so is your life and life experience.

Therefore, I am not going to promise what you are going to receive before we have a conversation.

You do not need a formula or someone to copy. You need a coach who can support you to create your own growth and dream to life beyond elite sport. Someone who will walk the path beside you as you actually take action!

Subsequently - you will receive...

As you participate, engage and do the work in Whole-Hearted Connection on a regular basis, you will discover additional self-worth, self-acceptance and evolve as a person. When you start to re-align with your own heart, mind, body and soul life starts to flow.

Yes I know you may know the steps you need to take, however are you actually taking them? If so, well done! If not, this is one of the reasons why people love the groups I have created - due to the structure and accountability. Something happens when you commit to another person and not just yourself!

The key to life is paying attention and being present. Yes, this can be challenging. On the surface, it can appear easier to bolt and run away (don't worry I have done that many, many times), however in the long run it doesn't work. This is why we are going to continually practice coming back to focus on yourself and your needs.

You will have encouragement from Jane. When was the last time someone gave you genuine support and celebrated you for being YOU? In Whole-Hearted Connection, we want to share your successes and learnings, no matter how big or small they may seem!

This is what we will be focusing on in Whole-Hearted Connection...

When you join Whole-Hearted Connection, you will join other people who will be (un)learning and focusing on their holistic wellbeing to -

  • Thrive as a leader beyond sport in ways that don’t involve hustling, working harder or longer,
  • Trust themselves and know what is their responsibility and what is not,
  • Understand the benefits and rewards of asking for help,
  • Do more of the things that give them joy and energy (not deplete it),
  • Notice when they are most productive throughout the day, week, month and year and when is best for you to take a rest,
  • Work in a way that honours their inner body wisdom and helps them tap in to their own energy and creativity,
  • Reclaim their own authenticity and power (yes you do have it), and
  • Discover and invest in their own needs and dreams, so they can focus on what matters to them!
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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Who is Whole-Hearted Connection for?

Whole-Hearted Connection is for the athlete who is starting to think of their transition to life beyond sport as well as the athlete who has just made the leap and the athlete who still knows they want to learn more about life beyond elite sport and increase self-awareness.

It is for the athlete who wants to be more, but most of all be present more. It is also for the athlete who wants to do less. The athlete who wants to undo what they have done and stop pushing to do and allow more being to unfold.

Whole-Hearted Connection is for the athlete who is ready to start a new project and bring something new in to the world. That project could be a book, a new business, a course or even transitioning in to a new phase in their sporting career.

It is for the athlete who is ready to stop, rest and begin to listen to their own inner wisdom and truth.

Whole-Hearted Connection is for the athlete who is ready to break-up with draining habits (i.e. "shoulds", "comparisons", "blame") and create greater freedom and sustainable wellbeing.

It is for all of us who are ready to practice being more alive and awake in this world, whilst increasing compassion, connection and courage.

Basically, Whole-Hearted Connection is about you coming home to yourself, showing up for you each day and in as many moments as possible 🙂 and is for you if you...

  • are too busy to look after their needs and desires,
  • are ready to break up with disempowering habits and create habits that give you energy,
  • would like to step forward and stand in your own power and know you cannot do it all on your own,
  • want to continue to succeed in a way that is connected to your heart, mind, body and soul,
  • reconnect with your deepest potential and live in a more connected and sustainable way,
  • build a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-worth and change self-sabotaging patterns,
  • are waking up or have woken up to the truth of yourself as so much more than you thought,
  • want to be held accountable to your dreams and desires and live in harmony with all areas of their life,
  • would like access to consistent learning and support to stay focused, and
  • are ready to keep growing and learning in their personal, professional and sporting life!

What Whole-Hearted Connection is NOT...

Whole-Hearted Connection is NOT -

  • another blueprint, program or or 7-step course (human beings are too complex and simple for them - yes that is a paradox 🙂 ),
  • about being perfect - it is about embracing your humanness and who you truly are whole-heartedly,
  • following a program to get certain results. I cannot guarantee what you will receive (it depends on where you are and what you want to focus on for the time you are member), and
  • an advice giving space (as you are not broken and do not need fixing). It is about you returning to be the expert in your own life and learning to trust yourself fully.
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“What are you willing to give up to have what you truly want?” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Why a 28-Day Cycle?

Depending on the research you read, some people say it takes 18 - 254 days to change or develop a habit and change the neural pathways in your brain. I am not sure which research to believe some days, however what I do know is that it takes awareness, action and commitment to create sustainable change and develop effective habits and only you can make those changes (no-one can do it for us).

Therefore, each month you decide what your focus and goal, outcome or intention is. It could be related to the modules or it may not. Your change / tweak may take longer than 1 x 28-day cycle and that is OK, as you can then choose to make further changes / tweaks in the next 28 days - it is totally up to you!

Make time for your life and creative desires...

Come and join me and give yourself the gift and healing of your own attention and presence.

You will be grateful you did!

With the connection created in a safe and supportive environment and an investment of time and money, you will start to create a life that is more aligned with who you are and a deeper sense of belonging. You will start to develop greater awareness, have more compassion for your self, increase your confidence and trust yourself. This is about progress, NOT perfection. So if you already have these aspects covered you will dive deeper with the tools and daily check-in time.

Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” ~ Lucille Ball

Ready to Join?

Please join us if you are ready to -

  • whole-heartedly reconnect to you and take ownership and full responsibility for your life,
  • deepen your relationship with yourself, other people and the world around you,
  • commit to both the time and financial investment,
  • be connected to a safe and supportive environment where “no person is left behind”, and
  • claim the future your heart desires.

Please find another space if you are not ready to -

  • show up for yourself, be seen or tell yourself the truth,
  • do the work, take ownership or be responsible or accountability for your life,
  • learn, grow, change or be coached (as you already know it all),
  • commit to both the time and financial investment, or
  • want me to convince you Whole-Hearted Connection is worth it - it is worth it when you decide it is!

Who do you want to BE at the end of the next 28 days or 364 days?

Who would you be if you reconnected to every aspect of your life? Who would you be if you reconnected to your natural state of wholeness? Who would you be if you truly trusted yourself? Who would you be if you reconnected to a community of people who supported you and had your back? Who would you be if you truly allowed yourself to show up and be seen whole-heartedly as YOU? Who would you be if you knew your voice mattered and you could express your own truth?

Your investment in Whole-Hearted Connection is an investment in you becoming that person - one habit at a time.

You can join Whole-Hearted Connected for 28 days or for the 364 days.

13 Modules for the Adventure...

As an added bonus, I am including the following (un)learning modules for those who want to join me over the next 364 days... When you join for the 364 days, you will have access to the (un)learning hub within 48 hours, where you can access these resources. You could even do these modules over the next 13 x 28 days cycles if you chose to 🙂

More modules will be added upon client needs...

A module for enhancing clarity and self-discovery, so you can align your whole-hearted vision, values and virtues.

Learning to identify, acknowledge and express emotions (appropriately) has been a gift for many clients, so we included this module.

This module is about valuing you, your essential needs, skills / capabilities and time and living in alignment with them.

Ready to start offering yourself the same kindness and support you so freely offer others? You can start to with this module.

Time to focus on cultivating gratitude in your life? You will receive the Grateful YOU Toolkit (normally $55AUD).

Ready to start untangling procrastination? This bonus module includes 9 lessons (including a tracker).

Time to start untangling from perfectionism and unrealistic demands in your sport and life?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you have to do? You can start to untangle overwhelm with this module.

Ready to pay greater attention to the present moment and see life as it is now with mindfulness?

Struggling with self-doubt or impostor phenomenon? Ready to start developing genuine self-confidence within yourself?

Need to enhance your money clarity? This bonus module includes 20 lessons (including a tracker).

Ready to start organising and creating systems in your life to develop greater flow? You will receive this module.

Relationships are a gift and they are part of a meaningful and whole-heartedly connected life.

Click Here to Join - $147 for 28 days
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Like Individual Coaching as well?

Would you like to include individual coaching in Whole-Hearted Connection? There are 3-month and 6-month coaching packages here.

However, if you would like a full-year alongside Whole-Hearted Connection, there are 5 spaces available that can be used across the 364 days. The coaching package includes 1 x 60-minute Discovery Session, 11 x 45-minute Coaching Sessions as well as 364 days of Whole-Hearted Connection.

Click Here to Apply or Ask for More Details...

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does Whole-Hearted Connection go for? +

Whole-Hearted Connection goes for as long as you choose. You can join for 28 days or 364 days - it is up to you.

Jane I am not very technical, can I still participate? +

Don't worry, I know technology can be challenging and frustrating, so I have made it simple and easy to participate.

Do you currently have -

  • an e-mail account?
  • access to a reasonable internet connection?
  • know how to watch Youtube or access videos online?

Yes - Great! You will be able to participate in Whole-Hearted Connection!

I don't live in Australia, can I still join Whole-Hearted Connection? +

Of course you can! That is precisely why this is online - so we can cater for individual needs and requirements.

Jane do I get to work individually with you? +

You get access to the 28-day circles I host. The 28-day Circles include self inquiry, journalling and exercises. You can also e-mail at any time throughout the time you are a member.

Is Whole-Hearted Connection Coaching? +

No. Whole-Hearted Connection is a self-awareness, resilience-building, personal accountability and an (un)learning process, not coaching. Participants in the program take responsibility for their own experience and changes in behaviour. Jane Taylor and any guest experts do not have a professional relationship with them, unless participants choose to hire them for other services.

However, if you choose to you can add coaching on to Whole-Hearted Connection.

What currency is Whole-Hearted Connection offered in? +

The Whole-Hearted Connection price is in Australian dollars. Click here to change to your currency.

We use PayPal and Stripe for our payments, so you will be able to pay in your local currency (and PayPal / Stripe converts it for you). So it doesn't matter where you live in the world, you can join us!

Could Whole-Hearted Connection be useful for coaching, mindfulness or psychotherapy training? +

It is important to understand that Whole-Hearted Connection is NOT mindfulness or psychotherapy training. However, it could be a useful add-on to these as well as education/teacher and human resources training.

Whole-Hearted Connection is all about education - providing tools, strategies and resources to support you to make any changes you choose to and become the expert in your own life and stand in your own power.

If you are in psychotherapy whilst you are involved with Whole-Hearted Connection, please tell your therapist.

How much does Whole-Hearted Connection cost? +

It depends if you choose to sign-up to Whole-Hearted Connection for 28 days ($147AUD) or for 364 days ($997AUD). If you would like to join with a friend, please contact us.

Is Whole-Hearted Connection Psychotherapy or Counselling? +

No, it is not.

Whole-Hearted Connection is all about education and you developing self-awareness, self-care and self-trust, it is not for treatment for any physical or mental health condition. All participants in the community agree to take responsibility for their own experience and the actions they take.

What is the schedule for each 28-day Circle? +

Each 28 days, we will have the Circle.

There will be 1 x Live Circle (approximately 60-minutes) on the New Moon over the 364 days with Jane so you can decide your focus and intention for the next 28 days.

The schedule is as follows –

  • 7.00pm Monday May 30 , 2022
  • 7.00pm Wednesday June 29, 2022
  • 7.00pm Thursday July 28, 2022
  • 7.00pm Thursday August 25, 2022
  • 7.00pm Monday September 26, 2022
  • 7.00pm Tuesday October 25, 2022
  • 7.00pm Thursday November 24, 2022
  • 7.00pm Thursday December 22, 2022
  • 11am Saturday January 21, 2023
  • 7.00pm Monday February 20, 2023
  • 7.00pm Tuesday March 21, 2023
  • 7.00pm Thursday April 20, 2023

You will receive a link before each Circle for Zoom. Also the times are 11am QLD time weekends and 7.00pm QLD time weekdays.

How old must you be to join Whole-Hearted Connection? +
At this stage, you must be 18 years of age to register. However, there may be a space for 15-18 year-olds created later (with the support and involvement of parents / caregivers). If you are interested in that, please contact Jane here.
Jane, I promised I wouldn't sign up to another 'Program', how is this different? +

Great, because this is not a program. This is about you developing your own self-awareness, taking care of yourself and (un)learning to trust your own inner wisdom.

Each Circle is a standalone experience and you choose what you want to focus on at the end. However, there is also the Daily Energy Tracker, so you can tune in and learn to master your own energy and notice where you are each day.

More Questions?? +

Please e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why I created Whole-Hearted Connection...

Hi - I am Jane Taylor - let me share a little bit about why I created Whole-Hearted Connection.

In 1997, I made the challenging decision to stop playing tennis as I was injured again after competing in the qualifying of the US Open. I didn't know what I was going to do and then was lucky to get in to university to become a teacher. After leaving university, I moved to the Gold Coast as I found people were still asking me about tennis and I was 'no longer an athlete' and was creating a 'new identity in education'.

However, over the years I started to learn that I need to 'own my story' as an athlete instead of pushing it away. And my tennis / sporting adventure was part of what I did, however was not who I was. First and foremost I am a human being, not an athlete and that is an important distinction.

Over time, a number of former athletes asked me what I have done to transform my own adventure. Until now, I wasn't ready to share as I still had healing to do. However, today I am ready and Whole-Hearted Connection is ready and is the (un)learning space I wished I had had when I was transitioning from elite sport.

Whole-Hearted Connection is an online (un)learning, resilience-building and wellbeing haven for athletes who are ready to invest time and attention to reconnect with their inner wisdom, untangle from draining habits (e.g. overwhelm, pleasing others and procrastination), engage and live in flow with all parts of their life (not just their sport) and BE more whole-heartedly themselves through self-awareness, self-care, personal accountability and aligned action.

Ready to Join Us?...

For 28 days - your investment is just $147AUD 🙂

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For 364 days - your investment is just $997AUD - saving of $914 🙂

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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.

We ask ourselves – Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking, so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are born to manifest the glory that is within us. It is not within some of us, it is in everyone.

And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”.

~ Marianne Williamson