Create Your Own Coaching and / or Mentoring Package

Ready to create your own Coaching and / or Mentoring Package?

The following page has been created for clients who are already clients or have already completed the 15-minute Introductory Coaching Discussion with Jane. In order to create your own coaching and/or mentoring package, please choose from the details below 🙂

1. Duration of Coaching and / or Mentoring -

How long would you like your coaching and/or mentoring to go for?





2. Frequency of Sessions -

How frequent would you like the coaching and / or mentoring sessions?

3. Length of Sessions -

What length of coaching and / or mentoring session would you like?

4. Extras / Add-ons -

Would you like any extra dd-ons to your coaching and / or mentoring package?

Also, if you want to find out anymore about the different aspects, please click on the extras as they are hyperlinks.

Jane, I have decided, what next?

Yay - next step, please e-mail me with your preferences (1, 2, 3 and 4) and then I can create a coaching and / or mentoring package for you and send it back to you for your perusal.

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