My Gratitude Journal

New Release - My Gratitude Journal

"My Gratitude Journal" is a 28-Day Journal designed for you to reconnect to or continue to cultivate the habit of gratitude. It has been created for you to discover and identify the experiences, people and things you are grateful for within your own life and foster that sense of appreciation and express it heartfully through colouring-in, drawing, writing and reflection.

People who have seen the journal have suggested it would be a great gift for -

  • staff arriving in to or leaving a workplace,
  • someone needing to focus on developing or cultivating more gratitude in their life,
  • an organisation, business or workplace to start to foster gratitude and appreciation with their team, or
  • someone who wants to be more intentional and see the abundance in their life.

You can see a couple of pages below, however, please click here to see a better overview.

Cost: $29.95 + postage (for bulk orders over 10, please contact us).

A little look inside...

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Bulk Orders...

Following are two scenarios I have been asked about -

  • purchasing bulk orders for organisations and business's to work through as a team-building activity and/or gift, or
  • purchasing for a shop / online store.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact us for bulk orders over 10.


Jane published My Gratitude Journal on 6/1/22. At present, there is only 1 copy in print (which was used for editing). Once we hear feedback from people who purchase My Gratitude Journal, we will add it below.

Ready to Purchase...

I have chosen to publish on demand as I am mindful of the environment.

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