My Progress Journal

New Release - My Progress Journal

This "My Progress Journal" is a creative tracking journal that has been created for you to develop habits and pay attention to the small steps you take towards living in alignment with your whole heart. It has been created for you to document your life consciously and heartfully through drawing, writing and reflecting. The journal is 96 pages and is gender neutral. The journal includes trackers for 28-days, 84-days (6 trackers) and 365-days (3 trackers). Depending on the number of things you would like to track, it has been designed for use over 1 year.

People who have seen the journal have suggested it would be a great for -

  • an individual wanting to focus on their own needs and dreams,
  • a coaching circle to support participants monitor and track their progress,
  • someone wanting to increase confidence and focus on creating a conscious life,
  • an organisation, business or workplace to start to foster accountability with their team, or
  • people who want to be more intentional and deepen whole-hearted connection within their life.

Cost: $54.00 (AUD) + postage + local taxes (for bulk orders over 10, please contact us or you can just put the quantity in the checkout and the discount will be added).

A little look inside...

Following is a video that outlines more about the My Progress Journal...


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Bulk Orders...

Following are three scenarios I have been asked about -

  • purchasing bulk orders for organisations and business's to work through as a team-building activity and/or gift,
  • purchasing as a coach to work through in a coaching circle, or
  • purchasing for a shop / online store.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact us for bulk orders over 10 or you can just put the quantity in the checkout and the discount will be added.

Also - if you would like to have a group or organisation use the journal over 28 days, please let me know and we may be able to organise an online workshop (for added value and a way of giving back).


The My Progress Journal was released on 4/10/22 and then tweaked on 22/4/23. Once we hear feedback from the people who purchase the My Progress Journal, we will add it below.

Ready to Purchase...

I have chosen to publish on demand as I am mindful of the environment.

If you would like to purchase a My Progress Journal, please click on the button below.

Also - if you do not live in Australia, please make sure you click your countries button / flag, so delivery and postage is easier as per the image.

Any further questions, please contact us 🙂

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