Are you looking for a heart-warming facilitator and speaker who will share honestly and authentically for your upcoming event or professional development workshop? Well - you are in the right place!

Jane is available to speak on a variety of topics and these can be tailored to the specific needs of the school, business group or organisation. Some of these topics include:

  1. Building Personal and Professional Resilience During Times of Change
  2. ELEVATE: Vision, Goals and Strengths
  3. Improving Communication in the Workplace Using EXTENDED DISC®
  4. Leadership Starts from Within: Developing Your Leadership Potential
  5. Investing in YOU: Focusing on Resilience and Wellbeing
  6. TRUST: The Essential Ingredient in Your Business/Workplace
  7. Introduction to Coaching: Enhancing Performance in the Workplace
  8. Becoming the Chief Empowerment Office (CEO) of Your Career/Life
  9. Building Employee Engagement and Wellbeing

There is some further information and workshop outlines here.

About Jane as a Speaker...

Having spoken throughout Australia and overseas, Jane engages and inspires her audiences to take conscious action to lead their lives authentically and nurture their health and wellbeing.

Jane's speaking style has been developed over the years from being in front of the camera as a professional athlete, to working as a secondary school teacher and as a workshop facilitator for Tennis Australia and MindMatters. She has a unique perspective on life after recovering from several health challenges and will inspire you to -

  • look within to see your own potential
  • take responsibility and be your true self
  • live authentically and
  • honour all parts of your life.

Ready to Contact Jane?

Great - e-mail Jane with the following details:

  • Date and Time of Event
  • Location and Address of Event
  • Approximate Number of People
  • Background of Audience
  • Topic you would like Jane to speak about.

Once we know these details, Jane can get back to you to see if she is available. Thanks heaps!

Daily Inspiration...

Client Feedback

"Great! Thanks. I feel positive to continue on my life journey knowing what I can work on to continue to have success in life." - School Principal

"Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane." - Teacher, Brisbane

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