Basically what you work on in a coaching session is up to you. As all sessions are tailored to your requirementsare you an individual who is

  • wanting greater balance in your life?
  • going through a transition in life? (e.g. changing jobs)
  • wanting to learn to trust yourself?
  • ready to simplify your life?
  • facing a stressful issue at work?
  • want to uncover your strengths and gifts?
  • needing some support to deal with fear or self-doubt?
  • needing to learn self-acceptance or self-compassion?
  • wanting to increase your self-awareness and well-being?
  • procrastinating?
  • feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do?
  • tired of not being your true self?
  • ready to take better care of yourself?
  • wanting to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life?
  • a teacher wanting support with certain areas of the QLD College of Teachers Professional Standards for Teachers?

Some of the areas clients have utilised our group and organisational coaching services include:

  • developing an organisational strategic plan
  • identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and gaps within an organisation
  • delivering and facilitating personal and professional development (including change management, leadership and well-being).

These are a few of the areas we can work with you and your group/organisation with in a coaching session. If you are ready to start now, please contact us!


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