Interested in coaching, but not sure if you are ready to start coaching?

Why not answer the following questions.

Am I/we ready –

  • to have a healthier balance in my life in regards to work and life?
  • increase my self-confidence and self-compassion?
  • trust myself more?
  • make wiser choices for myself and my family?
  • look after my well-being?
  • stop procrastinating?
  • simplify my life?
  • have greater clarity?
  • increase the level of knowledge and understanding of health and well-being in my group or organisation?
  • increase the level of participation with the group or organisation?
  • increase the leaderships skills within the group or organisation?
  • become more familiar with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in my professional practice as a teacher?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please contact us, so we can cater to your needs.


Click here for some more Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s) on Coaching at Habits for Wellbeing!

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