What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is one of the most beneficial development tools available in a workplace environment.

With a strong, dynamic, and focussed executive leadership team, organisations have the power to reach their goals, take their share of the market and excel in all their endeavours.

Unfortunately, without this cohesion, organisations become stale, employees lack direction, and this apathy extends to every area of the business which will inevitably lead an organisation into failure.

Executive coaching is a short, medium or long-term one-on-one program delivered by a qualified coach who is invested in the future of your business.

Working together, an executive coach and the coachee will uncover the intentions and aspirations of the employee and develop a strategy on how to help them achieve their targets.

Is Executive Coaching for you?

Executive coaching is for anyone who wants to achieve in the workplace. Regardless of whether you're performing to the best of your ability, it's always possible to improve your performance and gain clarity around your decision-making process.

It's important that you respond to the ever-changing demands of both a team, and the market, and executive coaching will keep you ahead of those key issues.

Consider working with an executive coach if:

  • You've received an internal promotion without sufficient tertiary management training to meet the requirements of the role
  • You're in a leadership position and struggling to control the direction of the organisation
  • You're struggling to find clarity surrounding organisational intentions
  • You're part of (or overseeing) a leadership team that's struggling to work in synergy with each other

Benefits of Executive Coaching

  •  Help team members reach their goals by building on existing leadership skills to manage a team effectively
  • To steer your business in the direction that aligns with your goals and the needs of the market
  • To create a cohesive team of leaders all working towards the same goal
  • To clearly define short, medium, and long-term objectives of a business
  • Resolve conflict between leaders and team members

My Executive Coaching methods

Each executive coaching program starts with a discovery session where I'll get to know you, your goals, and your existing business strategy.

This initial session will also uncover what you're hoping to achieve from our mutual relationship and will give you an opportunity to get to know me and decide whether you think I'll be a good fit for your organisation.

Executive coaching is a collaborative process and we must work together to define how the success will be measured.

Points to consider

  • Coaching is a collaborative process and all members of the team must be willing to participate if the coaching is to be successful
  • All executives must commit to implementing recommendations and be held accountable for doing so
  • Executive coaching will help your business become sustainable and achieve longevity in the market.

Whether you want to increase revenue, change your leadership structure or increase brand awareness, executive coaching will help you reach your organisational goals and help you build a business which will see you claim your place in the market long into the future.

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"Great! Thanks. I feel positive to continue on my life journey knowing what I can work on to continue to have success in life." - School Principal

"Can see myself using all of these skills. Great leadership and facilitating a comfortable/safe space Jane." - Teacher, Brisbane

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