Following is some client feedback from the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course conducted at Habits for Wellbeing –


“I really enjoyed the 8 week (MBSR) course and would do it again/recommend it to anyone interested in learning about mindfulness. Although my meditation practice went through ups and downs (and I’m still struggling to drop my expectations about where I ‘should’/want to be in my practice), the discoveries I made about myself were really eye opening. I feel I have a greater awareness of my patterns and through mindfulness in my daily life I am able to notice them from a distance and make better choices.

The most valuable thing I took away from the course is self compassion, which I got through your (Jane) gentle teaching style and embodiment of acceptance. Thank you for being a consistent role model of these qualities and helping me on my journey of self discovery!!

With kindness and gratitude,


A Recent Participant indicated that they received the following from the MBSR Course – 

  • “More choices
  • Improved reflective practice
  • Unpacking of relationships with others personally and professionally, and bringing MBSR into my interactions with others
  • Learning to be comfortable in my silence
  • Beginners mind and non- striving are concepts that have resonated with me
  • Letting Be and compared to trying (especially when anxiety symptoms appear)
  • Being more aware of my body sensations, feelings and thoughts.”


Leonie – Life Coach

“This course has allowed me to expand my experience and understanding further. I feel more aware of judgmental thinking and other thinking patterns. I have been able to implement a more regular practice of mindfulness.”


Mel Brand – Life Coach

“The MBSR Course has given me the tools, skills and knowledge to not only better understand myself and how my mind (subconscious) powerfully influences my life, but it has given me the gift of clarifying and understanding others around me better.”


James Beilharz

“The MBSR course totally exceeded any expectations that I had. In fact, I would go so far to say that what the program taught me, is now what I use as a template for life. Living mindfully, has allowed me to experience life more joyfully and authentically while fostering a greater sense of self-love. I found Jane to be an absolute inspiration in her presence and her authenticity during the MBSR course. I am forever grateful to Jane and the MBSR program for providing me the tools to access mindful living 24/7.

Thank you so much Jane!!”


Janine Ward – Life Coach

“During the MBSR course my marriage broke down and my husband and I separated. With Jane’s support and the practices from the course I was able to recognise my feelings and emotions, acknowledge what they were and where they were coming from, which then allowed me to respond rather than react.

With the  mindfulness  techniques I learnt throughout the MBSR course I was able to stay in the moment, rather than rehash past conversations and continue to replay experiences in my mind, allowing me to move forward and deal with the “What is”.

Being mindful and focusing on my thoughts, rather than constantly worrying what the other person is thinking, allowed me to be true to myself and be the person I truly am.

I am very grateful for Jane and the MBSR course.

I believe through my practice of the techniques I have let go of the past, I focus on the now and I am able to move forward peacefully.

My Husband and I have now reconciled and are moving forward with our relationship.

Thank You Jane.”


Jessica Gnata – Life Coach

“I have gone through my grown up life thinking I know what it means to be mindful. Yet only to personally understand I have been judgmental, black and white, yes and no, right and wrong – stressed hard and possibly cold.

Mindfulness has opened my mind helping to unfold my thoughts, becoming more accepting and non-judging. Allowing myself to see, feel and experience as if it was my first time.

Having faith and allowing myself to trust my experiences to unfold in its own way and letting it be.

Mindfulness has given me insight to stress reactions and stress responses as well as how they affect my body. Knowing this vital information, I now have a heightened awareness to which better supports good mental health and letting go of habitual thoughts.

I had an experience one Friday afternoon when I tried to do too many things in one hour.  I had to collect my daughter from school and cook pasta.  I started by opening the bag of pasta instead of using the scissors, I stab the bag with a cheese knife – I was quick enough to stop the pasta from going everywhere. Then I filled a tall glass with the pasta giving it a quick knock to try and fit more in and broke the jar.

I put the pasta on the stove thinking my mother would look after it. Ducked off to pick up my daughter from school, then checked the mail box, saw a post pick up docket and quickly when down to collect my parcel. Then returning home to a burnt pot of past. I did not stop to think my mother is not well and could not smell the pasta.

I acknowledge I had been running on autopilot not being in the present and mindful of my actions.

I could clearly understand what I did!  I was not hard on myself, I was accepting of my behaviour and able to let it be!

Mindfulness has shown me to the path of equanimity the space that I define as being  like on a seesaw keeping it balanced and creating the space in my mind to move forward on a progressive journey of balance and freedom with an inner connection,  that I have only experienced since taking part in the life of Mindfulness.”

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