Following is some feedback from the Style and Colour Consultations available at Habits for Wellbeing –

  • Elissa Coxen

“Before going to the colour and style consultation I was intrigued by all of this colour stuff. I was surprised (& happy) to discover my body and face shape are different to my personal (evidently emotional) perception, I have a greater belief in my ability to choose the colours that suit me, instinctively and (it seems to be a quite a large palate!)  Also one of my best friends has an interest in it so it gives me yet another thing to discuss with her 🙂 I would recommend this service to ANYONE who asks me for this type of consultation and I would refer to Habits for Wellbeing because, honestly, I don’t/wouldn’t know anyone else who offers it!! ….and I believe that Jane got it pretty well spot on ;)” Elissa Coxen – Fitness and Health Consultant


  •  Stacey Huish

“I was a little sceptical about having the consultation, because I thought I was going to have to stop wearing my favourite colour, however I was curious to see what the results would be. Little did I realise just how much colour and style made a difference to how I looked. I now know, that the right colour and the right clothing style does make all the difference to whether the other person in seeing me or looking at what I am wearing. I would recommend this to everyone who presents on stage – teachers, seminar presenters, speakers, inspirational speakers. Why – because if you have a message to get out there, then you want that message to be heard by the audience, and If the colour or the style is distracting then the information is not going to get across” Stacey Huish – Inspirational Speaker

  • Michelle Pattison-Dunlop

“To look your best is something that I do think of – since I am in the public eye as a teacher. So when given the opportunity to have Jane Taylor do my body shape and my colours, to reveal what best suits me, I didn’t realise how much of a science our bodies are.

I loved the time and sensitivity Jane took with my profile. She was kind and thorough with my measurements and took great care in making sure that my colours really suited my skin tone and body shape. It was fantastic to see how this “science” worked. Jane took the time to explain everything and answer any of my silly questions.

Most importantly, it made me look at myself. I mean, REALLY look at myself. It made me appreciate who I am and confirm that I am as beautiful as I want to be. And the best part is, that Jane made me see that. I am eternally grateful for your time Jane and for everything you gave to me in my style package. I am truly thankful Jane!!” Michelle Pattison-Dunlop – Teacher.

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