What are the Benefits of Coaching?

There are many benefits associated with coaching and it really does depend on what the individual, group or organisational focus is. Some examples of how individuals who engage in a professional coaching relationship can benefit include –

  • learning self-acceptance and self-compassion,
  • peace and harmony in your life,
  • feeling more connected with yourself and others,
  • simplifying your life,
  • learning to trust yourself and greater self-reliance,
  • developing greater self-awareness,
  • gaining more job and life satisfaction,
  • contributing more effectively to the team and the organisation,
  • taking greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments,
  • working more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers),
  • communicating more effectively,
  • overcoming procrastination,
  • improving decision-making ability,
  • improving time management skills,
  • reducing isolation, by having a supportive person for a sounding board and accountability, and
  • it can link to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.


The above individual benefits can then flow on to the group and organisation. Some other benefits for the group and organisation include –

  • increased level of participation
  • increased staff understanding and knowledge about well-being
  • increased leadership skills.


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