Why Does Coaching Work?

Personally, I would say there are a couple of reasons why coaching seems to work and they include –

  • Coaching looks at your whole life, not just your business or relationships (because we operate on many levels – including mind, body and spirit)
  • Coaching looks at what you are ‘doing’ as well as ‘being’, which is underneath all of the doing
  • Coaching supports you to learn to trust yourself more and have greater self-reliance
  • Coaching builds connectedness within your life, which has an impact on your well-being
  • Coaching is about finding and seeing deeper meaning to life – more of a ‘being’ than a ‘doing’
  • Coaching allows change to take place at a deeper level (as long as you be the change)
  • Your coach respects you as the expert in your own life and asks questions (not give advice), so you can develop clarity or insight in to your life
  • Your coach is curious, non-judgmental and creates a safe and supportive environment, so you can be honest (most importantly to yourself) and open in your sessions.

It is also important to remember, that sometimes we don’t need to know the reasons why or how things work. We just accept that they do.


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