15 Ways to Pay Attention to Your Finances

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect when it comes to our finances and financial mastery seems along way.

The good news is all we have to do is start with the first step. Each step we take builds on the last and gradually helps us grow our financial consciousness and awareness.

So, what are some ways you can reconnect with your money and start paying closer attention to your finances and start to show that it matters?


15 Ways to Pay Attention to Your Finances

  1. Discover your interest rates (if you have a home, car or credit card) and see if you can find a better one.
  2. Habitually identify ways to fix any money and financial leaks.
  3. Create a net worth statement and update it as required.
  4. Go on a 24-hour spending fast – yes no spending for 24-hours and see what happens!
  5. When life events occur be aware of any changes you need to make. For example –
    • Job changes – be aware of changes to salary, superannuation etc.
    • Family changes – add new arrivals to health insurance plan and beneficiaries in your will.
    • Car changes – be aware of changes to cost of insurance payments and car service charges etc.
  6. Check your bank account and express gratitude for the balance (yes – whatever is there!).
  7. Record and track your income and expenses (by doing this, it helps with number 2).
  8. Start reading respected articles and books about money (make sure it makes you feel good!)
  9. Total your expenses and income.
  10. Review your income and expenses and make any changes if required.
  11. Open and review of financial statements from bank accounts and home loans.
  12. Create a spending plan and yearly financial goals.
  13. Pay your expenses and bills.
  14. Review your investments, superannuation, retirements savings, emergency fund etc.
  15. Meet with your financial team (i.e. your Board of Directors).


Over to You…

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