‘For the Love of Women’ Event on November 23, 2013 Feedback

The first ‘For the Love of Women’ Event was conducted on November 23, 2013 at Currumbin RSL. This event raised $600 for the Tweed Valley Women’s Service.

Here is an overview of the event and more feedback is below!

The following is feedback from the participants at this event.

Clarity of Presentations –

  • “It was informative, fun, emotional. I just wish other women would take the much needed time out to enjoy these types of events.” – Tenillle
  • “Tracey was awesome – actually all were!” – Catherine
  • “Good variety.” – Merle
  • “Exceptional in every way. All my senses were impressed.” – Jeni
  • “Wonderful choice of speakers.” – Sheralyn
  • “Loved Tracey.” – Kristy

Relevant/useful Exhibitors –

  • “Really great variety and lovely people working. Looking forward to a second chance to look.” – Sheralyn
  • “All very interesting and well presented.” – Catherine
  • “Again you thought of everything.” – Jeni
  • “Tied in nicely, loved hearing why they do what they do as well.” – Kristy
  • “Need more time at them, so they can be at them and we can move around.” – Deb

Quality of Speakers –

  • “Was Lovely to have them share their experiences.” – Julie
  • “Great, just real and genuine.” – Kristy
  • “Very emotional, funny, entertaining and thought provoking.” – Jeni
  • “All very authentic and their experiences would resonate with everyone I am sure.” – Sheralyn
  • “Love the mix of people and emotions. Maybe a little too much talking – would like to move about a little more.” – Tenille
  • “Very well presented and organised Jane.” – Keryn

Adequate time spent connecting with other participants –

  • “Always good to meet new people and catch up with those you know.” – Sheralyn
  • “Was a great part of the day. A bit more time.” – Kristy
  • “Yes, small group was easy to get around.” – Jeni
  • “Could have been more time allowed.” – Deb
  • “More time to mingle and encourage that connection with people we didn’t know.” – Catherine

Participant Bags –

  • “Pretty.” – Sheralyn
  • “All looks great. Haven’t had time to check it all.” – Jeni

Event met my expectations –

  • “More than I expected.” – Jeni
  • “Was a lovely supportive and inspiring day.” – Sheralyn
  • “Totally, full of warmth, fun and laughter.” – Kristy
  • “Didn’t know what to expect. Very well organised.” – Merle
  • “Really didn’t know what was happening, but so glad I came along.” – Sue
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed today.” – Carol
  • “Exceeded.” – Mary
  • “No, it exceeded my expectations!” – Judi

Venue –

  • “Great. Easy to get to, comfortable, well presented. A high tea was a great idea.” – Sheralyn
  • “Great, very central for both ends of the coast to attend.” – Julie
  • “Great location and set-up.” – Tenille
  • “Aircon just a little chilly.” – Mary
  • “Perfect.” – Jeni

Other comments –

  •  “Really good Jane, looking forward to the next one!” – Darleen
  • “Really enjoyed – especially the personal stories.” – Judi
  • “Enjoyed it very much! Thank you!” – Mary
  • “Very nice. The connections with other ladies – true!” – Lee
  • “very nice ladies and very friendly.” – Merle
  • “Pretty hard to improve on Jane. If it got bigger – more time night be needed but I think the time could be slightly less.” – Jeni
  • “great mix of speakers, entertainment, stalls. Relaxed atmosphere. Thankyou!” – Narelle
  • “Lovely women and speakers, a good mix of things.” – Kellie
  • “Shame there weren’t more attendees as reward for the amazing effort you put into getting the event put together. Extremely well organised and inspiring. Also – probably make the event no more than 4 hours and make it either morning or afternoon not across the middle of the day.” – Julie
  • “I thought that this was very well organised adn done very well.” – Trisha
  • “Perhaps longer – so wonderful.” – Judi

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