Ready to Start Decluttering Your Life?

Are your ready to start decluttering your life? Great you’re in the right spot as I am going to share with you –

  • What is clutter?
  • Why declutter?
  • Where clutter can accumulate, and
  • Ways to start decluttering!

Let’s get started…


What is Clutter?

When referring to clutter, some of the definitions include –

  • “cover or fill (something) with an untidy collection of things” ~ Google
  • “(a lot of objects in) a state of being untidy” ~ Cambridge Dictionary
  • “a lot of things in an untidy state, especially things that are not useful or necessary” ~ Collins Dictionary
  • “to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness” ~ Merriam-Webster


Why Declutter?

There are many reasons why I started to declutter my life, including so I can –

  • Invest time in other places and not waste it looking for things (remember there are only 24 hours in a day),
  • Focus on my priorities, life direction and what is important to me (i.e. my essentials),
  • Live my purpose and leave my legacy,
  • Stop wasting money (e.g. by purchasing things I don’t need or forgetting to pay expenses and then having to pay the late fee),
  • Decrease stress and increase wellbeing, and
  • Increase my contentment and relax more.

Any other reasons you can come up with around why you would like to declutter?


Where Can Clutter Accumulate?

Simply – everywhere. Yes truly. You can have –

  • Physical clutter – i.e. paperwork or clothes that no longer fit or things you don’t use (i.e. magazines).
  • Mental clutter – for example: limiting beliefs (i.e. comparison’s, perfectionism and distorted thinking patterns),
  • Emotional clutter – i.e. physical things in your environment that link to emotions (i.e. trophies) or learning from past situations,
  • Digital clutter – for example do you invest too much time on the internet or are you following people on social media who no longer serve you and your goals or intentions?
  • Spiritual clutter – i.e. saying “yes” to things when you would prefer to say “no”,
  • Social clutter – i.e. too much social media or one-way relationships, and
  • Environmental clutter – i.e. objects in your environment that no longer work (i.e. kettle) or things that need cleaning (i.e. the bathroom or car).

Can you think of other places where clutter can accumulate? If so, feel free to share below in the comments!


Wondering How to Start Decluttering?

Yes, there are many ways to start decluttering. Personally, I have found the easiest way to start decluttering is by creating simple and small. For example –

  • Invest 10 minutes picking up clothes that are on the floor and put them away or in the washing machine.
  • Spend 10 minutes folding blankets that are lying around and put them back in their allocated space.
  • Create a niggle list and then tick the niggles off day by day (careful one of my clients loves this practise 🙂 ).
  • Start your day with journaling, so you can get those thoughts out of your mind and on to paper.
  • Get organised and clear with your digital files, so important documents etc. are easy to find.

What other ways can you identify to start decluttering in your life now?


Over to You…

I hope this post has helped you to identify what is clutter, why decluttering is important and how to start decluttering your life. Any questions or comments, please write them below.

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