What’s Your Power Word for 2023?

The following article has been written by Kean Buckley. I thought it may add value to you as you move forward to identifying your power word for 2023 (if you choose to of course) 🙂 2023 is the year of the present self according to his vibrational numerology creation.

Kean is an intuitive mentor with a passionate, unwavering commitment to his clients. He is the cofounder of the Be Yourself and founder of Vibrational Numerology, a 21C upgrade based on binary code. You can read more about this on his website ZeroPlusNine here.


7: The Present Self…

I could write an article on the power of all 10 numbers 0 + 9 but you would need an hour to read it – so I am keeping things tight to one vibration 7, as this is the number, we will be working with in 2023 (2 + 2 + 0 + 3 = 7). In the last part of this article, you can cut straight to the power words of 7 from low to high frequency.

7 is the present self and the most grounded number, as it is both Heart and Earth and holds the #1 power of the universe ‘Mentalism.’ ‘The Universe is mind, all is mental.’

It takes a while to think again in the 9 distinct vibrations of the 0 + 9. We normally speak them all at once, which is why manifestation is a messy affair with all 9 vibrations entangled as one. The actual 1-9 numbers have distinct vibrations you can learn and the 0 has no vibration. But before I digress or take a tangent that will lead your mind elsewhere – let me say the world is mental and  words create our world. So, lets’ go straight in and see which ‘7-power word’ you may use to match and manifest the success you will have in 2023.

Be intuitive, use your gut, you can have one word or many. Even a sentence – one (61/7) ‘it all just comes to me” to speak in 0+9 vibrations of the universal source code.

When you match the frequency of what you want – using word – you cannot help but have that frequency – this is not philosophy this is physics (to paraphrase Einstein).


What is Vibrational Numerology?

Vibrational Numerology (VN) is the first book written by the 9 numbers that spell all words and create worlds. It does not follow astrology it creates it. When you can use frequency successfully you manifest.

Vibrational Numerology 21st Century (21C) numerology, and ‘numbers psychology,’ that is based only on mathematics, which will assist parents, practitioners, and facilitators to guide humanity more accurately than any modality to date.

Learning the 9 number vibrations originating from source code, or ‘binary code’ (0+1)will help you choose your thoughts, words, and children’s names mindfully, to clarify, balance and design human life as powerfully and purposefully as possible.

There is a free PDF and possibly the world’s first book written by the numbers in code The Power of Numbers that will give you the power words for all 0 + 9 numbers.

So, what are seven words? The words that may just dovetail, match, or integrate the energy of your year successfully?

Here is an excerpt from the Power of Numbers Book.


7: The Present Self…

The 7-year-old and 70s and any date and time that makes 7 (11:50am). This is the number where nature takes over.


N.B. – this whole section is 90% plus written in 7-code!

Positive Identity / Constructive Words


Just Be, honest, willpower, initiator, Earthed, Trusted, grateful, contacting, touching, leadership, industrious, optimistic, quick-witted, instructive, determined, combination, direction, in-balance, grounded, organisation, participation, intelligence, improvement, accomplishment, contribution, essence, certain, free, curious, consider, define, plan, positive, brilliant, Industrious, benefit, True Self, truthful, Grace, wonder, constant, pride transform, EVERYTHING, Intelligence, sentient, empathy, advocate, wanderer, Mother, approachable, puzzle, Infinity, fertility, (Love languages of Acts, Words, Gifts), Hear, Listen, pleasure, caring, Humble.

Negative Identity / Destructive Words


Manipulation, hidden, possessed, obsessed, abstinence, cold, wrath, control.

Spirit of the Number

The Present Nature. Intelligence Just Be.

Certain. Constant. Grounded, Free. Brilliant, curious, wonder, grace, contacting, instructive, intelligence, leadership, industrious, participation, confirmation, ‘Gathering Together.’

Character of the Number – Sexy Certainty

7 is the Sexy number. The Neptune of the numbers. 7 is Just, be, You, NATURE. It is Humble Neutral Presence Identity and Aesthetic Autonomy.

It is vision, smell and nature formed through the constructive evolution of all the numbers grounding the last life arrow of real. A time when the garden becomes more important than the bank balance.

7 is brilliant, excellent sensual and loving. 7 grows 2 ways: –

  • being formed by the heart and earth equally in

Being grounded and free – to listen – contacting touching earth’s story of fertility grace bliss. 7 is hard for people to not attracted to.

Its aesthetic sentient, mystical secret and nature is the precious, brilliant initiator that put the ‘Be’ in Being.

Like astrology, 7 has a sexy mystical side like Neptune.

7 is’ free, pleasure, essence, and grace’ that is humble earthed and aligned. 7 is earthed grounded constant, planned, aligned.

The number 7 is the subconscious nature and pleasure we all unknowingly have of just being.

  • If something good happens a 7 saw

7 grows in constructive and consistent leadership roles within community as well as nature. 7s are aligned to what is real, offering a positive vision and attitude to any organisation.

With the ability to plan with community in mind. 7 urges us to be truthful and to listen to our innervoice, to remember and benefit the community plan.

7’s gain clarity, to better define and plan their way through the puzzle of life.

7 helps us all transform through greater honesty by recognising our nature as opposed to greed. 3/5 Love Languages are 7.

7 is present just developed mindful grounded. 7 has clarity, certainty and vision and the courage to trust its nature and plan. And 7 is all about community now. Its determined in its leadership and certain of its willpower. 7’s leadership and teamwork will often benefit the community. 7 is about vision and value. Being mindful of both unconditional and subconscious self on perhaps the greatest depth of all the numbers.

7’s have the best vision for the earth and for humans in their quest for life mastery. 7 is the bottom of the’ 4-5-7-8 square’ (if all these 4 numbers are missing in the chart). So, they know depth or depression like no other. They know the Black Hole of Calcutta. Or at least great depth. Hence 7’s may know depression – if they suppress their anger. Because Block is a 7 word after all.

And it is my humble opinion Depression is blocked emotion (generally anger), that we do not let our self-process. 7 can be the neutral corner of the chart where depression gets felt. 7 makes us be grounded, earthed, mindful.

So, 7 must be honest, to be earthed to be totally free to access their gifts, to enjoy their real nature, the work of the final arrow of mortal life. The Arrow 7-8-9.

The arrow of Real.

Dualities to Learn

Hot vs cold. Grounded vs controlled. Aligned vs block. Present vs hidden. Trust vs manipulation. Pride vs resentment Fertility vs hidden.Industrious vs obsessed. Free vs fault. Grace vs nasty.

Key Message from the TAO

Gathering Together. The Marrying Maiden. The Abysmal. Small is beautiful.

Key Message from the Tarot

The Major Arcana. The Lovers (Soulmate Twin-flames Decision). The Hermit (Wisdom through Solitude).


7: The 7 Words Low to High Frequency

This list is found in the word matrix at the back of the Power of Numbers book using this code.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


7 letters are G, P, Y. 7 Words are Be, just, but, Sea, Use, Was, Tad, Salt, Bad, dab, All, tub, Um, Mu. Use the words below to get your ‘7’ word that matches your life needs.

16/7 Plan, wit, meet, now, own, ink. kin, salt, heal, leap, fly, far, bless, pace, zap, wow, zag, line, absent, shy, heat, hot, non, stop, hate, cold, dark, wane, few, cage.

25/7 Nature, form, earth, free, birth, grace, heart, soften, create, words, story, listen, voice, relate, align, humble, tactile, essence, cellular, soulful, sensuous, better, frame, Aries, grasp, door, heavy, sword, rip, rig, brick, layer, SarsCov2, sabotage, zealot.

34/7 Mentalism, possible, miracle, present, honest, aligned, grateful, truthful, certain, mindful, vision, caring, clarity, I am engaged now, masculine, control, in- balance, effort, develop, benefit, curious, wonder, ground, going, empathy, express, construct, puzzle, strategy, flower, Lilith,dancing, settling, chrysalis, spongue, sensory, pleasure, survival, painful, suppress, weight, deframe, ‘the abysmal.’

43/7 Compassion, community, consider, collective, follower, grounded, certainty, serenity, contacting, touching, brilliant, positive, precious, respectable, transform, excellence, serenity, I love you, entertain, dignity, exercise, Qigong. Peace Sign, immunity, laughing, singing, protected, Inadequate, I don’t know, difficulty, weighty, opposite, fearlessness, predator, narcissism, suspicious. bizarre, resentment addiction.

52/7 Knowledge, leadership, government, discernment, direction, initiator, motivation, willpower, industrious, workaholic, optimistic, quick-witted, instructive, determined, combination, curiosity, expectations. approachable, expressive, protective, Infinity, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Star and Crescent, fertility, revolution, desire- lessness, uncertainty, disconnected, discouraged, depression.

61/7 Intelligence, everything, divine reality, unconditional, organisation, human potential, The Gatherer, The Sorcerer, I am worthy, individuation, objective truth, improvement, my voice matters, accomplishment, contribution, invigorating, letting go of past, ordinariness, unappreciated, I’ll never make it, untethered soul. It all just comes to me.

70/7 Participation, correspondence, conditioning, circumference, I am receiving, unconditional love, The lower world.

79/16/7 The great awakening. Unconditional love.

88/16/7 The marrying maiden, differentiation, Low need high result, high need low result. Timing isn’t right. You become what you judge.

97/16/7 Gathering together. Step in a new direction, I honour the man that you are. The eye of providence.


Over to You…

Hope that has helped you discover your own power word for 2023. If you have any questions, please ask Kean on his website ZeroPlusNine here.


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    Being loved & cherished

    Thank you for such beautiful information.

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      Thanks for sharing Julie. I hope you have a blessed 2023 🙂

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