Abundance or Lack Mentality – Which One Resonates with YOU?

Is attitude everything and does our mindset matter as well? Personally, I don’t think attitude is everything (as everything excludes all other possibilities), however our mentality does matter and I am going to explore what I mean by this.

For those who know me or if you have been reading my journal for a while now, you will know I like getting to the bottom of my thinking and receiving clarity around different aspects of life and then sharing some of these ‘aha-moments’ on my journal. Recently, I have been taking greater responsibility and deeply exploring my thoughts / beliefs / emotions / behaviours / choices around money (and it flowed into other areas of my life, however the focus essentially has been on money – you can read more about it here, here, here, and here – if you are interested).

One thing I found really interesting on my journey was the uncovering of a deep belief. I truly believed (not that I realised it consciously until I delved into my subconscious) that there was not enough money for everyone, more is better (which drives a competitive culture) and it was better to allow other people’s dreams to come true instead of finding out what I truly wanted and followed my dreams.

I am not going to go in to reasons why I held those distorted thoughts/beliefs (as sometimes it really doesn’t matter, it is just important to let them go and allow them to unravel / untangle themselves), however I started observing some of the differences between an abundance and lack mentality and how it felt in my body and came up with the following table and wanted to share it.

Abundance or Lack Mentality

“There is a natural law of abundance which pervades the entire universe, but it will not flow through a doorway of belief in lack and limitation.” ~ Paul Zaiter


How Do I Currently Practice an Abundance Mentality?

At the moment, the two main ways I am practicing an abundance mentality is through using the above table and expressing gratitude. Currently I am using this table as a reminder to STOP and check in with myself to see where I am in certain situations – as sometimes I can be triggered and need to be reminded that there is enough for everyone as well and changing from a lack mentality to an abundance mentality doesn’t happen overnight (not for me anyway).

Another habit I practice the majority of days to cultivate abundance is expressing gratitude to people and experiences and just being in that state of gratefulness. Yes I admit this has been challenging in the past (especially to come to a place of heartfulness for difficult experiences), however it can happen and I hope everyone can discover flow, peace, freedom and harmony in their lives.


Reflection Questions –

  • Which side of the table resonates with you? Does it depend on the situation?
  • Is there anything you would add to either side? If so, please share below.
  • Who and what can you be grateful for now? Have you expressed your gratitude to that person? If not, I invite you to share your gratitude and send a card to that person.
  • Need some more ideas on gratitude? Here is a post on How do I Bring Gratitude in to My Life?


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  • Nina

    Reply Reply August 22, 2019

    I’ve realised that this mentality is something I struggle with. I guess it’s generational in my case..something that’s been there for ages or maybe even past life. I’m working on having a more flexible attitude to money and switching onto a more abundant mindset. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    • Jane

      Reply Reply August 26, 2019

      Thanks Nina for your comment. Yes it can be challenging, however for me that is a reminder to come back to myself, be present and be kind to me 🙂 Warm wishes!

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