3 Great Health At Every Size (HAES®) Resources

Looking for some inspiration about Health At Every Size (HAES®)? Or wanting a different way to look at health? Either way, the following three Health At Every Size (HAES®) resources all bring something unique to the table and will support you on your adventure of discovering and understanding more about the Health At Every Size (HAES®) movement.


3 Great Health At Every Size (HAES®) Resources

Resource 1 – Health At Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Linda Bacon PhD. 

I came across this book during my training as an Advanced Health and Nutrition Coach. There are many different opinions and ideas about the HAES® movement floating around, however if you read the book, you start to understand the message. It is about making peace with food and your body, not giving up on it.


Resource 2 – Body Respect – What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out or Just Plain Don’t Understand About Weight by Linda Bacon PhD and Lucy Aphramor PhD. 

Body respect is the follow-up book to the Health At Every Size book above. Linda teamed up with Lucy to write this book and share the latest research and data on the HAES approach. the book is written for a variety of people including the medical community, students of health and health care as well as the policy makers and change agents. In short, Linda and Lucy look at –

“what’s really behind illness and health, and the truth might surprise you. (Hint: it’s not fatness.”


Resource 3 – Body of Truth: How Science, History and Culture Drive Our Obsessions With Weight and What We Can Do About It by Harriet Brown. 

In this book, Harriet Brown (a science journalist) explores how the quest for thinness has turned into a relentless obsession with weight and body image. Brown shares this perspective as a mother, wife, and woman with “weight issues,” whohas struggled to understand it on a personal level. In Body of Truth, Brown unpacks what’s been offered as “truth” about weight and health.


Over to You…

I hope you have found these 3 great resources Health At Every Size (HAES®) useful! If you choose to read them, feel free to let me know how you found them below in the comments section.


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