Jack Kornfield: 12 Principles of Forgiveness

The acclaimed author and teacher – Jack Kornfield, explains the 12 principles that are integral to the process of forgiving, according to Buddhist philosophy.

The 12 Principles of Forgiveness that Jack talks about in this clip are –

  1. Understanding what forgiveness is and what it is not.
  2. Sense the suffering that comes with the inability to forgive.
  3. Reflect on the benefits of a loving heart.
  4. Discover (in relation to your identity), you don’t have to be loyal to your suffering.
  5. Understand that forgiveness is a process, not a single action.
  6. You have to set your intention for forgiveness.
  7. Learn the inner and outer forms of forgiveness.
  8. Start with the easiest thing that can open your heart.
  9. Be willing to grieve and let go.
  10. Sometimes trauma is stored in our physical bodies.
  11. Shift of identity.
  12. Perspective.

Reflection –

  • What was your biggest learning from watching this clip?
  • Which is the 12 Principles of Forgiveness are you going to practice or incorporate in to your life? At the moment I am focusing on number 5!


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