Shifting from What Should Be to What Is

Trust me, I get it, life can be challenging. I know I have had experiences and situations occur, that I wish didn’t occur, however over time I realised I needed to make a choice – live below the line or above the line. Shift from the space of what should be to what is and learning to love that space.

Subsequently in this post, I am going to share –

  • Disempowered or Living Below the Line,
  • Empowered of Living Above the Line,
  • Making Choices, and
  • Shifting from What Should Be to What Is.

Let’s get started…


Disempowered or Living Below the Line…

For me, being disempowered means living below the line. It is recognising you have the power to change you and the results in your life. For me, living below the line essentially means where I am giving my power away to other people and external situations. It is –

  • Blaming others for my situation,
  • Making excuses,
  • Living in denial, and/or
  • A sense of entitlement.

Essentially these show up as beliefs, actions and feelings about the past that I can then work with and shift. Yes, it can be challenging and to see where I have done this in my life, however more and more I am reconnecting to the power within me and living above the line.


Empowered and Living Above the Line

Living above the line is about –

It is recognising you have the power to change you and the results in your life in the present. Yes sometimes this is easier said than done (especially when you have had challenging situations occur in your past), however it is possible and is far better than living below the line.


Making Choices

I used to think we made choices like the following diagram –

Stimulus Response and Reaction

I now realise we have a choice between the stimulus and the response –

Freedom to Choose

Realising this has made such a difference in my life and I hope it can for you as well.


Shifting from What Should Be to What Is

When I started to shift from what should be to what is, it was challenging. Yes, I had to untangle from a variety of thought patterns I had from past situations and experiences, however over time it has gotten easier. Little by little, I am remembering I do not have to worry about what should have or shouldn’t have happened, or how things could have or would have been if only something have gone differently. I just deal with what is. Life is becoming much simpler that way.

Are you ready to start to shift from what should be to what is? If so, next time you start a project or activity at work or home, you might like to ask yourself –

  • Are you ready to take ownership of the project / activity entirely?
  • Are you ready to do your best and make yourself accountable for the quality of work you produce? and
  • Are you going to hold yourself responsible for the end product?

For me, one of the challenging parts of living above the line was acknowledging when things don’t go the way I had hoped. However, that is also my responsibility, which then provides a great opportunity for furtherl growth!


Over to You…

Are you ready to shift from what should be to what is? Choosing to live the life of your dreams and as Henry David Thoreau has been reported as saying –

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”


If you are ready to reclaim your courage and take the next step towards freedom and opening your heartwhy not join our Toolkit or join me in coaching / mentoring or a course?


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