3-Minute Test: How Well Do You Receive Written Communication?

The following 3-minute test is designed to identify how well you receive written communication.

Procedure –

  • Find a quiet space to answer the following 20 questions.
  • Set a stop-watch for 3 minutes.
  • When you are ready, start the stop-watch and answer the 20 questions.


3-Minute Test –

  1. Read everything before doing anything.
  2. Print you name in the upper right-hand corner of this paper.
  3. Circle the word ‘name’ in sentence two.
  4. Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner of this paper.
  5. Call your name out aloud.
  6. Write your name again under the second title of this paper.
  7. After the first title write ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’, ‘Yes’.
  8. Draw a circle around sentence five.
  9. Put an ‘X’ in the lower left-hand corner of this paper.
  10. If you are enjoying this test say ‘Yes’, if not say ‘No’.
  11. Loudly call out your last name when you reach this point in the test.
  12. On the right margin of this paper, multiply 66 by 7.
  13. Draw a rectangle around the word ‘paper’ in sentence number 4.
  14. If you think you have followed directions carefully to this point call ‘I have’.
  15. On the left margin of this paper add 69 and 98.
  16. Count in your normal speaking voice backwards from 10 to 1.
  17. Stand up, turn around once and sit down.
  18. Say out loud, ‘I am nearly finished, I have followed directions’.
  19. If you are the first to this point say, ‘I am the leader in following directions’.
  20. Now that you have finished reading carefully, as instructed in sentence one, do only sentence number 2.


Reflection –

  • Did you follow the instructions?
  • Do you have your name written in the top right-hand corner?
  • How do you feel if you followed all of the instructions except the first?
  • What did you learn about yourself?


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Reference –

Kroehnert, G. (1991). 100 Training Games. Sydney, Australia: McGraw-Hill Book Company.



  • Aaron Thomas

    Reply Reply January 18, 2020

    Hi Jane, I have a question for you about a test similar to yours. If you could email me I could send you a copy and my question.

    Thank you Aaron

    • Jane

      Reply Reply January 19, 2020

      Hi Aaron – you can ask here and I will reply 🙂

  • Brayan

    Reply Reply June 3, 2018

    Yes i did all the instruction
    No, everythings is a bit confusing
    Really i felt like when i’m in class
    Well, i learned that i have to have more concentration because i couldn’t do it very well

    • Jane

      Reply Reply June 3, 2018

      Hi Brayan – that is a great learning. If you are still confused, please read instruction 1. Warm wishes, Jane

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