5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Start Accepting Yourself

Have you noticed lately the trend to be better or be different from where you are? Don’t worry, I have been caught in this trap before. However, I realised that I needed to learn to accept things (and myself) first before change happened.


What is Acceptance?

In his book Full Catastrophe Living, Jon Kabat-Zinn indicates –

“Acceptance is seeing things as they actually are in this present.” (p.1280).

For example – if you have a sore knee, accept that you have a sore knee. In the end we learn to accept the situation, however quite often it is reached after periods of denial and resistance. Besides wasting a lot of time and energy, denial and resistance prevent change and healing from occurring. Subsequently, acceptance is essential before change can happen and becomes an act of self-compassion.


5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Start Accepting Yourself

There are many reasons why it is important to start accepting yourself, however here are 5 –

1. You Are Prepared By Your Past, Not Defined By It

In every struggle we are given – we can choose to contract or expand. Yes, I know life can be extremely challenging, however the longer we hold on to our challenges, experiences or the more we live in the past (or future) – the greater our suffering. If there has been challenging situations in your past, please learn to be kind to yourself and continually practice self-compassion. If you need some inspiration, feel free to read the butterfly story.

2. You Increase Your Self-Worth

By focusing on accepting yourself, you start to develop a better relationship with yourself and take better care of yourself. You also realise you are worthy of love, connection and belonging.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy – the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” ~ Brené Brown

3. DENIAL Doesn’t Work –

Occasionally, I used to think DENIAL might work, however it didn’t. I had to be honest with myself and what my dreams were, which meant to not live in DENIAL (Didn’t Even kNow I Am Lying) any longer. Yes, I realised –

“The truth will set you free.” ~ Unknown.

4. You Become More Courageous

As you start taking steps towards your dream or vision, fear will arise. As you learn to meet the fear, you will develop more courage.

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.” ~ Nelson Mandela.

5. You Start to Realise What You Can Control

Accepting yourself helps you to start to realise what you can control and what you can’t. And yes, that is a gift.

“Ain’t no sense worryin’ about the things you got control over, ’cause if you got control over ’em, ain’t no sense worryin’. And ain’t no sense worryin’ about the things you don’t got control over, ’cause if you don’t got control over ’em, ain’t no sense worryin’.” ~ Mickey Rivers


Over to You…

What other important reasons do you have on why it is important to accept yourself? Feel free to share your insights below in the comments section or on our Facebook page here.


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