Celebrate What’s Right With the World

I just came across this TEdX Talk by Dewitt Jones – Celebrate What’s Right With the World. In this video, Dewitt shares how when he started to celebrate the best in humanity, the more he could see it. Also, how he chose to live through a lens of possibility and celebration of more than one right answer.

Dewitt shares –

“Celebrating what’s right is not a perspective that denies the very real pain and suffering that exists on this planet. Rather it is a perspective that puts those problems in to a larger more balanced context. A context where we can that there is far more right with the world than that is wrong with it.”


Celebrate What’s Right With the World

Over to You…

As you are going through your day, remember you get to choose what lens you see your day with. You may like to identify –

  • What’s here to celebrate?
  • What’s right with this situation?


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