Facing Another Couple of Fears

One of the things I have done over the years is identify my fears and face them when the time was right.

Why? Because somehow I knew they were holding me back from living a fulfilling and whole-hearted life.

Call me crazy, however I have a fear list as well as a to be/do list!

A couple of the things that were on the list was being scared of the dark, being bankrupt and then ending up living on the street.

I didn’t really know how much two of the three fears (being bankrupt and living on the streets) had been driving my life until recently, so when my friend Julie asked me to sleep out for a local charity – You have a friend, I knew it was time for me to deal with these three fears as participants were asked to give up their bed for the night and sleep in a cardboard box under the stars (see my bed in the picture). The aim of “Jimbo’s Sleepout” was to bring awareness to homelessness in the local Tweed Area and was held during Homelessness Week.

So how did I go?

Well to start with – I survived and I have an even greater appreciation for life (especially a warm shower) and the homeless. Over the years I have counseled a couple of people who live/d on the streets, however as much as I listened and empathised with them, something was missing.

Now after sleeping outside, on a very clear, brisk winter’s night in a cardboard box, I feel I can relate to them a little bit better and without doubt have a far deeper appreciation for the homeless and life in general.

I was lucky enough to share the night with a group of warm-hearted people and I was extremely grateful for their support – from Rory who provided my box to sleep in, the volunteers who provided food for us, to John who shared some of his story and Julie who provided inspiration as she raised a considerable amount of money to go towards another vehicle for You have a friend. Life truly is a gift!

What fears have you faced recently?

P.S. Thanks also to my sister and my mum for your support!

If you want some inspiration on fear, have a look at these quotes here.


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