How Can I Connect in My Life?

Building connectedness within our life is an important protective factor for our well-being. When I talk about connectedness, I am referring to:

  • our relationship with ourselves and how we treat ourselves on all levels (physical, emotional, psychological, conscious, subconscious and spiritually),
  • our relationships with our friends, family, work colleagues and all of the people in our life, and
  • the environment in which we live.


How Can I Connect in My Life?

Here are a few tips that may be useful in discovering how to connect more in your life –

  1. be mindful
  2. when in a conversation with someone really listen
  3. have a conversation and learn more about your family, friends and colleagues
  4. you could call a friend that you haven’t spoken to in ages
  5. find a mentor or coach to support you in your life
  6. find a group in your local area and connect with like-minded people (e.g. a yoga group, a meditation group or something you enjoy)
  7. ask for help – click here to access different sites for help-seeking in mental health
  8. make time to build positive relationships
  9. recycle waste within your home and community
  10. plant a vegetable garden
  11. spend some time on activities you enjoy and maybe even schedule a date with yourself each week
  12. schedule get-togethers with family, friends and colleagues
  13. celebrate birthdays and special occasions with family, friends and colleagues
  14. build your social network and keep in touch with friends and family.


Just in case you need some further inspiration to support your connectedness – click here for 20 quotes on connectedness!


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