Learning to Live Outside My Comfort Zone

Have you ever felt like you were missing apart of you and wanted to find that part, however were really scared because you were comfortable in what you were doing? On the outside – you enjoy what you are doing, get paid well and people comment you were made for the position?

However, when you delve a little deeper and look inside you feel exhausted, incomplete (as somehow you know parts of you are missing) and are ready for a change?

Don’t worry, I can relate!


So, What Stops us from Moving?

One of the main things that stops us from moving outside our comfort zone and living a fulfilling life is fear. Many of us are too busy and comfortable in our daily routines – getting up, exercising, having a shower, having breakfast, going to work, etc. to take the time out to look at what is really going on under the surface. You know a little bit like Groundhog Day?

In order to see what is going on, we have to take responsibility and be really honest with ourselves. It takes courage to do this as it can be quite challenging as there is no hiding within ourselves – we are meeting all parts of us.

Sometimes we might not like the parts we meet, however this is also part of the journey – meeting ourselves compassionately, openly, honestly, non-judgmentally and accepting them as they are in this moment.

When we do this, it can bring many vulnerabilities to the surface. We can experience a loss of control as there is no certainty there – since we have not experienced this moment before. This can be challenging, however this is also part of the process of change and living with the moment.

Opening up and allowing the moment to be as it is right here, right now – going beyond that sense (or illusion) of control. Just experiencing life as it is, whilst taking responsibility and being 100% honest with yourself. And then we continue to do this in each moment – as each moment is changing!

It reminds me a little about the poem by Ajahn Chah called “Let it Be”


Let is Be by Ajahn Chah

“Let it be…
Grasp at nothing, resist nothing.

Step out of the battle where it’s nice and cool.
Why not give it a try?
Do you dare?”

As I continue on this journey, somehow it is becoming more familiar. Yes I am challenged, however I go back to my habits for wellbeing and remind myself to get back to this moment and not get lost in my head (like I had done so many times before).


Over to You…

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